Wicked Pictures presents Rebound, a story focused on renowned author and relationship expert, Tessa Kendall (Samantha Ryan) who seems to have it all: a successful career, a new book release, and a handsome boyfriend of five years turned fiancé, Mitch (Tyler Nixon). But her world comes crashing down when talk-show host Kathy (Stormy Daniels) reveals photos of Mitch in Cancun with another woman (Lyla Storm) while Tessa is promoting her latest book release. Devastated by the discovery, Tessa moves in with her brother, Eric, (Brendon Miller) and his wife, Jennifer (Kaylani Lei). Dealing with Tessa’s heartbreak becomes unbearable for newlyweds Eric and Jennifer, so Tessa seeks refuge in his cabin, which offers privacy in the mountains and distance from the press. While trying to heal her heart, Tessa is also under pressure to meet her next book deadline and becomes distracted when she meets a charming property manager named Zach (Michael Vegas). A connection develops, but Tessa is forced to focus on her career and heads home to L.A. to submit her latest book, leaving Zach alone and confused. After some time passes, Tessa realizes that she has an important decision to make. Does she learn to recognize that she has the strength to love again, or does she decide to remain buried in her work?

Scene 1: Lyla Storm and Tyler Nixon

The movie begins with Mitch (Tyler Nixon) romancing his mistress (Lyla Storm) poolside at a private cabana in Cancun. The scene begins with playful conversation, flirtatious looks, and kissing. Tyler massages Lyla’s body, and then rubs and kisses her breasts. Tyler performs oral sex on Lyla, and then he receives a blowjob. Reverse cowgirl is shown next, followed by doggy-style, and the sex concludes in the missionary position with Tyler ejaculating on Lyla’s stomach.

This scene is a good start to the movie, as it’s always refreshing to see a sex scene that is shot outside of a bedroom. The poolside setting is beautiful and it really enhances the flirtatious conversation and playful chemistry between Lyla and Tyler. I also appreciate how they smile at each other, which is an essential form of foreplay that is important to show in movies that are designed for women and couples.

I also like how Lyla and Tyler communicate with each other during the scene, as Lyla tells him what techniques she enjoys. This is essential to show in a Passions movie because it promotes to viewers the importance of communication between couples, and how communication enhances sexual satisfaction.

While I like this scene, I do have a few criticisms. First, the sexual acts are too short in duration, and this can be problematic for some viewers, (especially females who may be new to watching porn) because it takes longer to become physically aroused. Second, the slurping noises that are made during the blowjob are a bit off-putting and should be reserved for more hardcore porn. Third, Lyla swears too much during the scene, which is a bit distracting for viewers who appreciate softer adult entertainment. Fourth, the camera angles during the doggy-style and missionary positions are unappealing at times. The close-up shots of the thrusting during doggy-style are reminiscent of harder porn, and some viewers, particularly females, may find this camera angle less than desirable. During the missionary position, it’s hard to see both performers’ faces, which is important because viewers want to see the emotional connection between the actors, which creates the intimacy that they anticipate in a Wicked Passion movie.

Ultimately, this is a good scene and viewers will enjoy the playful and honest communication between Lyla and Tyler.

Scene 2: Allie Haze and Karlo Karrera

Stephanie (Allie Haze) comes home exhausted from a hard day at the office. She opens up about her day to her boyfriend (Karlo Karrera), who offers her a back massage and a glass of wine to help her relax.

The scene begins with passionate kissing of the lips and neck, as Karlo massages and licks Allie’s body. Allie receives oral and then gives Karlo a blowjob. Missionary position is shown next, followed by spooning, cowgirl and doggy. The sex concludes with Allie giving Karlo a handjob and he ejaculates on her bum. They kiss intensely and smile at each other, which ends their scene perfectly.

This is my favourite sex scene in the movie for two reasons. First, it’s very steamy and passionate, as the chemistry between Allie and Karlo is amazing. Viewers will definitely enjoy both actors’ performances, especially Karlo’s. He is perfectly cast as the super hunky and attentive boyfriend, and I could listen to his deep, husky voice (such a turn-on) for hours. Karlo uses some creative and hot sexual techniques in the missionary position (where he licks her down below and then kisses her toes and feet, while he thrusts inside her) and in doggy-style, as he leans down and kisses Allie’s neck and shoulder, sucks on her fingers and adjusts his position so he can thrust more deeply. Second, Allie and Karlo’s verbal communication is good, as Allie controls the pacing and gives Karlo positive re-enforcement.

While I enjoyed this scene, I have a couple of criticisms. First, when Allie receives oral, the duration of this sex act is short and there is little eye contact between the performers. Second, the slurping noises during the blowjob scene are a turn-off that some viewers may find unappealing. Last, but most bothersome for me, is the swear word that Karlo uses when he pulls out of Allie. It is inappropriate for a Passions’ movie, which is designed for viewers who enjoy softer and more sensual adult entertainment. Ultimately, the word put a damper on the enjoyment of the scene for me, and it is definitely more appropriate for a hardcore film.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy the intense chemistry between Allie and Karlo, their verbal communication, and the creative and attentive sexual techniques that Karlo uses.

Scene 3: Kaylani Lei and Brendon Miller

After sending Tessa (Samantha Ryan) away to his cabin in the mountains to heal her broken heart, Eric (Brendon Miller) and his wife, Jennifer (Kaylani Lei) have a long-awaited and greatly anticipated newlywed romp.

The scene begins with a hot and heavy make-out session. Brendon massages Kaylani and kisses her breasts and stomach. Kaylani receives oral and then gives Brendon a blowjob. Cowgirl is shown next, followed by spooning and doggy-style. The scene concludes in missionary position where Brendon ejaculates on Kaylani’s stomach.

This is a good scene that viewers will enjoy. Kaylani and Brendon act well together and complement each other. Their eye contact is consistent, which helps to enhance the emotional intimacy of the scene. I also like that they hold hands in the cowgirl and doggy-style positions, and how Brendon offers his fingers to Kaylani for her to suck on them while they spoon. Their verbal communication is effortless and the most intense part of the scene is when Kaylani tells Brendon that she’s going to have an orgasm. This part really impressed me because I think it’s important for viewers to see open and straightforward verbal communication between partners in porn, especially from the female perspective because it’s empowering.

My only criticism of this scene is the slurping noises that are made during the blowjob. Other than that, this is a solid scene that viewers will enjoy.

Scene 4: Samantha Ryan and Michael Vegas

After a temporary separation, Tessa (Samantha Ryan) returns to the cabin and has a heart-to-heart with Zach (Michael Vegas). After questions are answered and explanations are given, Tessa and Zach make love in front of the fireplace.

The scene begins with kissing and the removal of shirts, as Michael kisses Samantha’s neck, breasts and stomach. Samantha receives oral and then gives Michael a blowjob. Cowgirl is shown next, followed by spooning, and the sex concludes in missionary, where Michael ejaculates on Samantha’s stomach.

This is a good scene and I think that viewers will appreciate the cozy fireplace setting. I’m really impressed with Michael’s performance in this scene, as he is attentive to Samantha. He looks up and smiles at her while he places a trail of kisses from her stomach to her privates, which is a really sexy gesture. He also adjusts the rug to make a pillow for Samantha’s head before the missionary position starts, which is very thoughtful and sweet.

My only criticism of this scene is the blowjob, as the spitting and slurping noises are unappealing and better suited for a hardcore film.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Rebound on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com

Final Thoughts and Rating

Rebound is a solid movie that will engage viewers with a beautiful, wilderness setting, good music, great performances, and amazing acting.

Stormy does a wonderful job as writer and director, and chooses her cast beautifully. I was so stoked to see Allie Haze and Kaylani Lei in this movie, as they are two of my favourite actresses. Allie’s acting and performing were perfection and I absolutely loved her makeup and wardrobe. She’s never looked better! Kaylani is so incredibly talented as an actress and does comedy effortlessly. Her comedic scenes with Brendon had me laughing hysterically. The actors also impressed me, particularly Michael Vegas. He is perfectly cast as the sweet, thoughtful and goofy, Zach, and he blew me away with his solid acting skills. Brendon demonstrates good comedic timing, and Karlo is the ultimate super sexy fantasy with his hunky frame and deep, husky voice. I was thrilled to see Tyler in a Passions’ movie, as I was thoroughly impressed with his acting and performing when I first saw him last year in Wicked’s Naughty Nannies. There is a likeability and boy-next-door quality to Tyler that makes him an ideal choice to star in Passions’ movies. He exudes charm, confidence, and good looks, and I predict that he will have a long and successful career in adult entertainment. I’m looking forward to seeing him in his next Wicked Passions’ project entitled Meant to Be, which I will be reviewing in the fall.

While I enjoyed Rebound, I have three criticisms. First, there are a few spelling and grammatical errors on the IMZ computer shot that should have been fixed during editing. They are only noticeable if you happen to pause the movie in a particular frame (which I happened to do when I stopped the movie to take notes). Second, some of the sexual acts are quite short in duration, which may make it difficult for some viewers to become physically aroused. Third, viewers (especially if they are new to watching porn) may find the spitting, slurping and popping noises that are made during the blowjob scenes unappealing, as these techniques should be reserved for more hardcore adult entertainment.

Ultimately, Rebound is a good choice for couples and viewers who appreciate softer, sensual porn and wonderful acting.

Rating: 4 out of 5