Sexbot coverWicked Pictures and Brad Armstrong go back to the world of 2009’s 2040 in Sexbots. In this movie sex in the future, sex robots have become a reality and Brad plays a scientist who is trying to make them better. Asa Akira plays his newest creation but once she is turned on, nothing can turn her off. Asa, along with fellow Wicked contract stars jessica drake and Stormy Daniels, show off what the future could bring in Sexbots.

Scene 1: Asa Akira and Brad Armstrong

Brad plays the scientist who is working on making anabots as real as possible. He comes into the lab to check the newest creation called the “Asa doll” and to perform one more test. Once Asa is awake and activated the action begins with Brad fingering her. Asa helps out with this too and after they are done Brad lifts her off the table and puts her on the floor so that she can give him a BJ. Asa then gets bent over the table for some doggie. There is some anal fingering next before they move onto missionary, first vaginally and then anally. Asa takes control as Brad lies on the floor while she rides him in reverse cowgirl anal. Brad orders her to shutdown and then she hops off and jerks him off until he cums as he lies on the floor panting. This scene starts off things rather quickly. The chemistry between Brad and Asa is good and the whole scene goes at a pretty quick pace. I really liked the insatiable nature that Asa takes as well.

Scene 2: Asa Akira, Eric John, Dirk Huge, Eric Masterson, Jovan Jordan, Marco Banderas, Ramon Nomar, Steve Holmes and Tommy Gunn

Brad, after he is able to move, pushes an emergency button that calls in a bunch of lab techs as Asa calls out that she wants more. What happens next is a pretty epic gangbang, especially for a Wicked movie. As you probably already know, I don’t breakdown orgy or gangbang scenes simply because there is too much going on to really be able to keep track. I will say though that the action is quite intense and does include plenty of anal and DP. I will also say that the action is really intense and may be a bit much for some Wicked fans who are accustomed to a certain pace and activity level.

Scene 3: Asa Akira, jessica drake and Stormy Daniels

After Asa recovers from the gangbang she still wants more as she walks over all the guys. She makes her way to another part of the lab where two more anabots, one of jessica and the other Stormy, are stored. She activates them both. Asa kisses them both individually and that leads to them all making out with each other. Eventually they get down to business as jessica and Asa go into a 69 while Stormy helps jessica. Next we have Asa licking Stormy while jessica uses a toy on Asa’s pussy. Stormy and jessica then work together to work on Asa with Stormy using a toy in her pussy while jessica adds one to her ass. It is jessica’s turn next as she lies back as she slides a curved to in her pussy while Stormy rubs her and Asa uses a toy on her ass. Eventually Stormy climbs up and rides jessica’s face as well. This leads to all of them fingering and liking each other until Asa starts fingering and licking jessica while Stormy holds her. Now it’s Stormy’s turn s Asa uses the toy on her pussy while she licks jessica. All three of them then start to masturbate together before turning their attention to Stormy to finish the scene. This year has had some pretty good girl only scenes and this one is at the top of list at this point. It is obviously also special because these three have never worked together before and I hope we see it again because they seemed to really love working together.


I downloaded this off of for review and will post about the extras once I get a physical copy.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As I mentioned earlier in the review, this is a prequel of sorts of 2040 (you can see my review of 2040 here) and it does a good job of bringing us back to that world. The action stays intense throughout and Asa in particular does a great job of driving each of the scenes. One complaint I do have is that this is labeled as a “feature” and while it may be in spirit, there isn’t really much of a story here. I will also add that while three scenes doesn’t seem like enough, and you would usually be right, for this movie it makes perfect sense. Why have five scenes when three will do if you will. All in all this is must have for any porn fan, as well as 2040, and I give Sexbots a 5 out of 5.