Wicked Passions presents She’s the One, a heart-warming story that revolves around charming businessman Ryan Evans (Xander Corvus) and his shy, sweet waitress-crush, Rachael (Lexi Belle). Ryan finally gets up the courage to ask Rachael out on a date, only to discover her in the arms of Jonathan (Kris Slater). Crushed, Ryan returns home from his business trip unaware that there has been a huge misunderstanding. With a little help from various sources, including the quirky Carmen (Andy San Dimas), will regret over lost love prevail, or will Ryan and Rachael be together again?

Scene 1: Misty Stone and Alex Knight

After inviting heartbroken Ryan (Xander Corvus) over for dinner, Megan (Misty Stone) and Phil (Alex Knight) enjoy a romantic evening and express how fortunate they are to be together.

The scene begins with slow, soft, sensuous kissing. Alex gently touches Misty and kisses her back, neck, shoulder, bum, breasts and thighs. Misty sighs as she receives oral sex and gives Alex positive re-enforcement for pleasuring her. Spooning is shown next, followed by a blowjob. Next, Misty rides Alex in cowgirl position and the scene finishes in doggy-style where Alex releases on Misty’s backside.

This is a very romantic scene that I think viewers will enjoy because it demonstrates romanticism in a very realistic way, which is something that viewers rarely see in porn. The scene begins with Misty getting ready for bed in the bathroom, while Alex is in the bedroom creating a romantic atmosphere by lighting candles, breaking down rose petals and laying a blanket and pillows in front of the fireplace. Phil takes the time to make Megan feel loved and appreciated in this scene, which is the ultimate act of foreplay, and something that will definitely make female viewers swoon.

Another aspect that I thoroughly appreciated in this scene was the constant verbal communication between Misty and Alex. Compliments are given (another often understated, but important form of foreplay) and positive re-enforcement is expressed. For example, Misty tells Alex how she likes to be touched and which positions she wants to be in and Alex enthusiastically obliges. I was thrilled to see this kind of open and honest communication, as it’s incredibly important to show in movies that are designed for couples.

I also appreciated how longer and wider shots are used, which focus on Misty’s facial expressions. This is a camera technique that viewers, especially if they are new to watching porn, will appreciate because it emphasizes the emotional connectivity and pleasure that occurs between partners, rather than camera shots that focus solely on the physicality of sex.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy the romantic realism of this scene and the open communication that Misty and Alex demonstrate.

Scene 2: Carolyn Reese and Ryan Mclane

Thomas (Ryan Mclane) takes his girlfriend, Samantha (Carolyn Reese) out for a romantic dinner where he proposes to her. They return home to celebrate their engagement.

The scene begins with Carolyn receiving oral sex and then Ryan receives a blowjob. Next, Carolyn rides Ryan in a cowgirl position, followed by spooning and then the scene finishes in doggy-style, where Ryan releases on her bum.

This is another scene that demonstrates very soft and tender sex in a romantic setting that Thomas creates for Samantha. He lights candles and pops champagne, in order to celebrate their relationship and ultimate engagement. He tells her how much he appreciates her, which makes her feel loved. Displays of love and appreciation are essential to show in movies designed for couples because they enhance the intimacy between partners, which ultimately leads to a satisfying sexual experience.

The lighting is romantic and enhances the kissing and touching between Ryan and Carolyn. I also like the piano music, but was disappointed that it wasn’t consistently heard throughout the scene.

My one criticism of this scene is that viewers can hear either a plane or a helicopter in the background during the cowgirl position, which is a bit distracting. Better sound editing, (perhaps by adding consistent music) may have helped to stifle this temporary disruption.

Scene 3: Kaylani Lei and Richie (Calhoun)

After having an intense conversation about their relationship, Shelly (Kaylani Lei) and Roger (Richie) come to an understanding and begin to make out passionately on the couch. They kiss as Richie massages her breast and Kaylani grinds on top of him while he’s wearing his jeans, which is hot foreplay. Kaylani receives oral and then she gives Richie a blowjob. The sixty-nine position is shown next, followed by Kaylani riding on top in cowgirl. Next, doggy-style is shown and then a semi-upright spoon position followed by reverse cowgirl. The scene ends in missionary with Richie releasing on her stomach.

This is a very steamy and passionate scene, and it’s definitely appropriate for a Wicked Passions movie. Viewers will be impressed with the length of this scene and the variety of sexual acts that are shown (I counted seven). It was nice to see the sixty-nine position in a Wicked Passions movie, as it’s not generally shown. Also, if you’re a fan of grinding, you will enjoy this scene, as Kaylani grinds a lot in various positions.

Ultimately, viewers will enjoy the intense chemistry between Kaylani and Richie, as well as the variety of sexual positions that are shown.

Scene 4: Brooklyn Lee and Kris Slater

After a profound conversation with Rachael (Lexi Belle) and Carol (Brooklyn Lee), Jonathan (Kris Slater) “acts on his moment” and kisses Carol.

The scene begins with Brooklyn and Kris kissing passionately. Kris massages her through her bra and kisses her breasts, legs and feet. Brooklyn receives intense oral sex and fingering, which is followed by spooning. Next, Kris receives a blowjob, followed by Brooklyn in the cowgirl position, and the scene ends in missionary where Kris releases intensely on her stomach.

This is also a passionate scene that demonstrates good chemistry between Brooklyn and Kris. Kris is attentive towards Brooklyn and they have good eye contact during the missionary position. I also liked how Kris kisses Brooklyn’s legs and feet, which are erogenous zones that are often overlooked.

Scene 5: Lexi Belle and Xander Corvus

Thanks to the help of various friends, relatives and co-workers, Ryan (Xander Corvus) and Rachael (Lexi Belle) are re-united about two years later. They get married and have sex for the first time as husband and wife.

The scene begins with soft kissing, as they smile at each other. Xander kisses Lexi’s legs and then her panties before she receives oral sex. Lexi gives Xander a blowjob and then rides him in cowgirl position. Next, doggy-style is shown, followed by spooning, and the scene finishes intensely in missionary where Xander releases on Lexi’s stomach.

This is a sweet scene that viewers will enjoy watching. Xander and Lexi play the role of newlyweds well, as they share a playful chemistry that is endearing to watch. I love how the scene ends with kissing, “I love yous” and smiles, as these gestures really demonstrate the need to be emotionally present and connected, in order to be satisfied sexually.

I also like how Xander asks Lexi if she wants to take a shower after sex. I was a bit disappointed that viewers didn’t get a chance to see them in the shower together, as bathing with a loved one is a very sensual experience that would have been very appropriate to show in a Wicked Passions movie. All in all though, this is a very good scene that viewers will appreciate and enjoy.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed She’s the One on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts:

She’s the One is a heart-warming movie that viewers will genuinely enjoy, and I definitely recommend it to women and couples who are new to watching porn. This movie is excellent if you are watching porn for the first time, either by yourself or with a partner, as the sex is soft, tender and completely non-intimidating, which viewers (especially females) will appreciate. In fact, I can honestly say that this is one of the softest heterosexual porn movies that I’ve ever watched.

Bishop does a wonderful job as writer, producer and director. The movie has a very mainstream feel to it and uncovers the intimacy of couples’ seemingly mundane activities, like cooking breakfast for a loved one, rubbing their feet after work or getting dressed before bed. The talented cast does a great job in this movie. Both Xander and Lexi are perfectly cast in the lead roles and give wonderful performances. They continue to blossom as actors and have also never looked better. I also enjoyed the acting of Carmane Star, Misty Stone, Kaylani Lei and Andy San Dimas.

I liked the music and set design, and I loved the waitresses’ polka dot uniforms, which are very retro-inspired.

Although I really enjoyed the movie, I have a few criticisms. First, the sound editing needs improvement, as it’s really hard to hear the actors at certain points in the movie (especially at the beginning). Sometimes the background noise drowns out the actors’ voices and, at times, there’s a pervasive echo, which is quite distracting. Second, the music during the sex acts is not consistent, as it starts at the beginning of the scene and then suddenly stops. Third, I was disappointed to see Alex Knight illegally talking on a cell phone while driving a car, as I feel that it’s a bit irresponsible to show in a movie.

Ultimately, She’s the One is a solid movie that I definitely recommend for couples to add to their DVD collection. For me, the highlight of the movie is a very well-written script that gives viewers a thought-provoking look at the complexities of human relationships, especially romantic ones. Bishop invites viewers to ask themselves some pertinent questions about relationships and happiness, and he reminds us to challenge our fears by going after our hearts’ deepest desires.

Rating: 4 out of 5