StarmakerWicked Pictures and Brad Armstrong take a look at the seedy side of Hollywood with their newest blockbuster Starmaker. This movie is the story about a screenwriter and a struggling actress. They meet and come together and come up with a plan to blackmail a very powerful producer and director. They accomplish that goal but is it worth losing everything they already have?

Scene 1: Asa Akira and Tommy Pistol

The movie opens up with jessica drake narrating and talking about what a writer is while we see Jeremy (Tommy Pistol) is chilling in a coffee shop. Mia (Asa Akira) then walks in and he goes over to her and sits down as they start to chat. He mentions that he is working on this script that she might be good for and invites her over to read for it at anytime. We then switch to Tommy’s bedroom as Asa is energetically sucking him off. Tommy returns the favor by eating her out as well. Asa gives him a bit of a footjob next and blows him a little too before they go into doggie. From there the pair moves into spoons for a little bit and then Asa straddles him in cowgirl. After a little more oral from both of them and some condom play they finish off in missionary before Tommy pops in her mouth. I love when a movie starts off with a high energy scene like this. The sparks are definitely there between these two and this scene shows it off. One other thing I liked too was that neither Asa or Tommy got completely nude. It fits in with the spontaneity of the scene.

Scene 2: Kalina Ryu, Kaylani Lei and Brad Armstrong

After sex Asa and Tommy continue to chat about their careers. He offers to let her stay at his place so that she doesn’t have bounce around. She ends up taking him up on it and he gets into a swanky Hollywood party. The party is being hosted by Martin Anderson (Brad Armstrong) and after he has a quick word with his wife Elise (jessica drake) he takes two ladies (Kalina Ryu and Kaylani Lei) to the bathroom for some fun. Kalina starts things off by dropping her knees for a BJ and is soon joined by Kaylani. This is on oral only scene but does have everyone moving around quite a bit. I will also add that it was nice to see Kaylani back in a Wicked Pictures movie. The scene finishes with the ladies swapping his cum while kissing.

Scene 3: jessica drake and Kurt Lockwood

Tommy and Asa end up chatting Brad up a bit and Brad gives her his card. They then go home and Tommy starts working on a plan to get her cast in Brad’s new movie. Next we see jessica apparently talking to herself in bed but as it turns out, Kurt is under the covers and licking her pussy. He licks her ass for a bit too and then she takes his cock in her mouth. She climbs on to for a slow and deliberate cowgirl that turns into a more energetic cowgirl. Spoons is then next and is the final position before Kurt pulls out and cums in her mouth. I don’t know what it is but jessica playing the vindictive type really works well for her. It comes across in her scenes too as they seem to be more passionate.

Scene 4: Asa Akira and Brad Armstrong

After they are done she asked him to keep an eye on Asa and Tommy because she thinks something about them feels different. As it turns out she is right to be worried as we hear what Tommy’s plan is, which is basically to have Asa seduce Brad and secretly record their sexual rendezvous, which they will then use to blackmail him. She goes to the audition and once she is one on one with Brad and everything goes basically the way Tommy said it would.

Eventually they start to kiss and soon after Brad is licking her pussy. Asa then sucks him for a little bit but this is short lived as she is soon sitting on the desk as they go at it in missionary. She sucks him off some more after this and gets back on the desk for doggie. The scene finishes with Brad dropping his load on her tongue. For a scene that you would think would be more raw, this definitely has a more sensual feeling. It works really well here but it did feel a little out of place.

Scene 5: Amia Miley, Courtney Taylor and Tommy Pistol

Asa leaves after a somewhat awkward conversation and then Brad goes back home where things get even more awkward. The next day Tommy drops off some pictures and a copy of the video in order to blackmail him. They set up a meeting and are later shown that meeting. Unfortunately for them it doesn’t faze Brad at all until Asa comes back with another angle of attack. Brad then ends up giving them what they want and they part company. Kurt then lets jessica in on what is going on and she lets him know that she knows.

We then switch back to Tommy as he is now be sucked off by Amia and Courtney. Amia is the first one up for sex as she is bent over on doggie and is followed by Courtney in missionary anal. Amia gets to ride next in reverse cowgirl before Tommy shares his load with both ladies. While what we got is pretty energetic and fun, I did feel a bit disappointed here. I would have loved to have seen some more interactions between Courtney and Amia and having more than one position with Courtney would have been good too.

Scene 6: Asa Akira and Kurt Lockwood

Tommy then gets busted when Brad and Asa catch him, The previous scene had taken place in her trailer so she kicks him out. On Brad’s request, later that day Kurt visits Tommy and Asa in order to teach Tommy a lesson. He comes in and starts smacking Tommy around. He even talks to her and asks her what she is doing with him anyway. She wants to get him back so she straddles Kurt but Tommy starts talking again and that leads to him getting thrown out of the room. When Kurt comes back they start to make out again. After a bit of foreplay, Asa drops down to lick his pole for a while. He then leans back on the coach and she straddles him in reverse cowgirl. They roll over into spoons after this, with Kurt taking a little break to eat her out before continuing in missionary. He then finishes off by cumming on her pussy. This is what would have been expected in the earlier scene with Asa and Brad. The action here is rougher and more raw and quite hot to boot.

Scene 7: Asa Akira and jessica drake

I won’t spoil it but lets just say Kurt takes care of Tommy for a while. jessica overhears what happened and suggests that they get Asa on their side. She even says that she’ll take care of it. Later on we see Asa getting a massage and then jessica comes in to take over without Asa knowing. She then reveals herself and after a chat they start to kiss. Things heat up quickly as they both disrobe and jessica takes command of the scene with some lightly slapping. Asa then lies back as jessica sticks her tongue deep inside her. They switch positions soon after this as jessica gets eaten out. The toys then come out as jessica gets probed with a silver anal toy. A second toy is brought in for some DP action while Asa rubs her clit too. Now it’s Asa turn as jessica uses a glass toy on her ass while Asa rubs her own clit and pussy. This is my favorite scene so far. The chemistry between jessica and Asa is off the charts and has been since they first worked together.

Scene 8: Jeanie Marie Sullivan and Tommy Pistol

It’s later and jessica is putting Asa up in a secret location so that she isn’t around while they take care of Tommy. Speaking of Tommy, he is then seen showing up at Brad’s house. He comes up to the door all angry and is greeted by Brad’s daughter (Jeanie Marie Sullivan). She offers to help him get back at him by offering to fuck him. They both go inside and before you know it she is sucking him off on her bed. He then licks her pussy and ass in missionary and doggie. From there they move to sex and the first position is doggie. And then into missionary. Jeanie climbs on top for reverse cowgirl next as Tommy rubs her clit at the same time. The scene ends when she drops to her knees to receive his load on her face, with mascara running down her cheek. Again we get a pretty energetic and raw scene here. It also makes sense considering the scene setup. I would also like to say how cool it is to see Jeanie in a Wicked movie.

Scene 9: Mystery Scene

As he is leaving jessica comes home and sees him and throws him out and later on tells Brad. Now due to the way this movie ends I don’t want to spoil anything and a breakdown of the final scene would do that so I won’t be doing that here. I think many of you might know how this plays out but due yourself a favor and watch the movie.


For this movie Wicked has supplied some interesting extras. There is of course a good BTS but there is also the table read for the script and bloopers, neither of which are on too many DVDs. There are also three bonus sex scenes. There is a jessica drake scene with Derrick Pierce for Magic Mike XXXL. There is also a scene from Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll with Asa Akira and Toni Ribas. The final scene is from 24 XXX and features Kalyani Lei, Alektra Blue and Giovanni Francesco

Final Thoughts and Rating:

When Brad Armstrong directs a blockbuster release for Wicked, he doesn’t normally due thrillers like that, at least not for the last several years. After seeing this though I think he should probably do more. The story is quite interesting and the twists make sense and are interesting on their own. I would also say that Asa and jessica need to work together more often as well because they always do a great job when they are together. This is also the second blockbuster I have reviewed from Wicked in about a week and I would put them both at the same level and therefore give this a 5 out of 5.