Wicked Passions presents Summer Lovin,’ a love story about the pressure and complications that arise from having relationships in a small town. Keiko (Asa Akira) is engaged to wealthy rancher Alan (Seth Gamble). Keiko meets Jake (Bill Bailey), a hunky drifter with a heart of gold, and there’s an instant attraction. Keiko becomes torn: Should she marry for money, or for love? Other couples on the ranch experience difficulties in love too: Rose (Alektra Blue) is an insecure, drunken flirt, who has little interest in her boring, accountant-boyfriend Howard (Richie Calhoun). Betty (Misty Stone) wants to escape the racism of the town by moving to Chicago, but her stubborn boyfriend, Vic (Ryan Mclane) is elusive and resistant to change. Ultimately, does Keiko listen to her mother and marry affluent Alan, or does she follow her heart, and choose good-natured Jake?

Scene 1: Asa Akira and Seth Gamble

The movie begins with a passionate evening of lovemaking between Keiko (Asa Akira) and Alan (Seth Gamble). Sensuous kissing and heavy breathing entice viewers at the beginning of the scene, as it continues with Seth fingering Asa, and Seth receiving a handjob. Next, the sixty-nine position is shown. It’s the first time that I’ve seen this sexual position shown in a Wicked Passions movie, and it’s a sexy shot that I think viewers will enjoy. The next sexual act that is shown is a blowjob, and then Asa rides Seth in cowgirl position. Doggy-style is shown, followed by spooning, and the scene finishes with Seth receiving a handjob, where he ejaculates on Asa’s bum.

This performance is beautifully shot, as the lighting really captures the essence of foreplay and sensuality, which are two key aspects of a Wicked Passions movie. Asa and Seth have a great chemistry in this scene, and demonstrate foreplay with ease and efficiency. Seth’s performance is awesome, as he is very connected and focused on Asa. In doggy-style, he leans over to kiss her a few times, rests his chin on her shoulder while he’s behind her, and makes steady eye contact. My favourite sexual act during this scene is the handjob because Seth and Asa make it very intimate. Seth holds Asa’s face and they kiss after a sensuous pause. I really liked how their upper bodies overlapped and pressed against each other during this act, as their constant skin-on-skin contact creates intimacy. It’s also wonderful to see that Seth and Asa have consistent eye contact during this scene, and I like how Asa kisses Seth’s stomach. What impresses me most is the positive re-enforcement that Seth gives Asa, who smiles and asks how he’s feeling. Communication between partners is so important to show in movies designed for couples, as it enhances their sexual experience, which viewers will appreciate.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, I have two criticisms. First, there is no context given to Keiko and Alan’s relationship before the sex begins at the start of the movie, which is a pet peeve of mine, as it defeats the purpose of watching story-based porn.

My second criticism is that, while kissing and touching are abundant and consistent in this scene, I was disappointed to see that the scene begins with both actors completely disrobed. The removal of clothing during a sex scene is very arousing to watch, especially for female viewers who tend to appreciate undressing as a slow, seductive, and teasing form of foreplay. Undressing isn’t given enough attention in porn, and while genre and time constraints may play a role in the absence of showing the removal of clothing, I think that undressing needs to be given more screen time, especially in couples’ movies where the emphasis is on foreplay.

Scene 2: Nicole Aniston and Bill Bailey

The scene begins with Alan introducing Jake to Vic and Howard. They ask Jake how he came to find the ranch, and he explains his travels. Jake also shares with the boys a bizarre hitchhiking experience he has when he’s picked up in a convertible by a hot blonde (Nicole Aniston).

The sex begins with Bill receiving a blowjob from Nicole. Doggy-style is shown next, followed by Nicole receiving oral sex on the hood of the car. The scene finishes in missionary position where Bill ejaculates on Nicole’s stomach.

I wasn’t impressed with this scene, and I don’t feel that it’s appropriate for a Passions movie because it lacks foreplay and sensuality. While the outdoor setting is scenic, there’s nothing intimate about the sex, which makes sense considering that Bill and Nicole’s characters are strangers. However, because this is a Passions movie, viewers anticipate sex scenes that are intimate and romantic, and this scene is neither. Bill and Nicole seem very detached emotionally from each other, as the scene lacks eye contact and foreplay. The only kissing that occurs is at the end of the scene, when Bill licks and kisses Nicole’s neck.

This scene is also inappropriate for a Passions movie because it demonstrates sexual techniques that are more appropriate for hardcore adult entertainment. These include slurping noises during the blowjob, constant swearing, and penetration sounds during the missionary position, (which are particularly distracting and unappealing). Ultimately, fans of softer, sensual sex will be disappointed with this scene.

Scene 3: Alektra Blue and Richie Calhoun

Rose and Howard decide to sneak away during the town’s summer picnic to indulge in an outdoor romp. The scene begins with a lot of kissing and touching. Richie massages Alektra through her shorts, and kisses her neck and breasts, while Alektra reciprocates and kisses his neck and chest. Alektra gives Richie a blowjob, and then receives oral in the sixty-nine position while she gives Richie a handjob. Alektra rides Richie on top in cowgirl, and then the missionary position is shown. The scene finishes in doggy-style where Richie ejaculates on Alektra’s bum and breasts.

This scene is couples-friendly and I think that viewers will enjoy the outdoor setting (the sound of the breeze in the background is particularly sensual) and the abundance of foreplay. I appreciate how Alektra and Richie take every opportunity to kiss each other during the scene. Alektra leans over and kisses Richie while she’s on top in cowgirl, and Richie leans down and kisses her while he’s thrusting during missionary. By taking these opportunities to kiss, touch, and make eye contact with each other, an intimacy is created that viewers will appreciate.

While I enjoyed watching this scene, two aspects bothered me during the blowjob. First, the slurping noises are very distracting. Second, the spitting is inappropriate to show in a Passions movie, and I think that female viewers will find it unappealing, as it’s a technique that is better suited for hardcore films.

Scene 4: Misty Stone and Ryan Mclane

The scene begins with attentive foreplay, as Ryan kisses Misty’s mouth and neck while using his hands to caress her body. He continues to kiss her back and shoulders as he undresses Misty, and also kisses and massages her breasts and stomach. Next, Misty receives oral sex, and then she gives Ryan a blowjob. Missionary is the next position shown, followed by cowgirl. The scene finishes in doggy-style where Ryan ejaculates on Misty’s bum.

Viewers will definitely enjoy this scene, as it demonstrates a lot of foreplay. I’m impressed with Ryan’s performance, as he is very attentive towards Misty, especially during the first few minutes of the scene. He understands the importance of using his hands to consistently touch Misty, which is an important foreplay technique that is critical for performers to demonstrate in movies that are designed for couples. My favourite part of the scene is when Ryan kisses Misty’s mouth, bum, and shoulder after he ejaculates, as it’s a sweet gesture that demonstrates intimacy.

While this is a couples-friendly scene that viewers will enjoy, there are three things that I find bothersome. First, the camera angles that are used during the doggy-style position are unappealing, as they fail to create a sense of intimacy. Also during this scene, the bed shakes badly and makes a very distracting squeaky noise that is hard to ignore. My final criticism is that there is very little eye contact between Misty and Ryan, which is extremely important to show in movies designed for couples because it’s a vital part of foreplay that creates intimacy, enhances sex, and arouses viewers.

Scene 5: Asa Akira and Bill Bailey

Keiko and Jake engage in a very steamy and passionate reunion towards the end of the movie. The scene begins with intense kissing of the mouth, neck and breasts. Bill fingers Asa, and then she alternates between giving him a blowjob and a handjob. Asa receives oral sex, rimming, and more fingering. Next, standing doggy-style is shown, followed by Asa riding Bill in cowgirl position before she sits on his face to receive oral. She rides Bill again in cowgirl and the scene concludes with an intimate spooning position, where Bill ejaculates on Asa’s stomach.

This is the hottest scene in the movie and I really enjoyed watching it! Asa and Bill have an undeniable on-screen chemistry, which makes this scene very intense and passionate. What I love most about this scene is that there is a ton of kissing and touching, both between sexual positions and during sex. Bill’s performance is impressive, as he is very attentive to Asa. His eye contact is consistent, and while Asa rides on top in cowgirl, Bill massages her bum, which is a really thoughtful gesture. My favourite position during this scene is spooning, which is great to show in a movie designed for couples because it’s intimate. Bill and Asa do a wonderful job creating intimacy in this position, as Bill kisses Asa while he’s inside her, and they also keep their heads together, which emphasizes their connection. They also communicate with each other in this position, which is great for couples to see. My favourite part of the scene is at the end when Bill kisses Asa after he ejaculates. He teases her with his lips and tongue, they smile and laugh with each other, and nuzzle their noses together. My heart melted after seeing this because it captures a tender moment between Bill and Asa that is so genuine and intimate, and it’s the perfect way to end the movie.

As much as I enjoyed this scene, I have two criticisms. First, the lighting at times is too dark, which makes it difficult for viewers to watch performers. Second, Asa is too vocal at times, which is distracting, and some viewers may find it annoying and forced.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Summer Lovin’ on Wicked’s awesome website: www.wicked.com.

Final Thoughts:

Summer Lovin’ has cool music and a talented cast who deliver great performances. Bill Bailey is awesome in this movie and I’m really impressed with his acting and performing. He is perfectly cast as Jake. Misty Stone is an incredible actress and I was so pleased to see her in this movie. Her talent and charisma shine through in her performance and she is a true joy to watch. I also enjoyed the music in the movie, especially the opening song, which I had stuck in my head for a few days. The outdoor setting is also enjoyable.

While there are many positive aspects to Summer Lovin’ (cast, music, setting), I feel that the movie fails to come together cohesively. While the script contains insightful ideas about the complications that arise from having romantic relationships in a small town, these ideas were not explored to their full potential in the film. A strong script is critical for movies that are designed for women and couples because viewers watch them primarily for the story, which makes plot and characterization essential. While it’s important to have a solid script, the execution of that script is also paramount to a movie’s success. Barrett Blade makes a good attempt with Summer Lovin’ but the movie ultimately lacks a cohesive quality that is intrinsic to story-based porn.

Rating: 3 out of 5