Sunny Side UpSunny Side Up is Vivid Celebs latest celebrity sex tape and this one is a knockout, literally. Tammy Lynn Sytch, known by most as former WWE Diva, the original Diva mind you, Sunny. For Tammy’s foray into the land of porn, not only is she doing hardcore sex but is also opening up the backdoor for all to see. So sit back and let’s see what Sunny Side Up is all about.

Scene 1: Tammy Lynn Sytch

For this first scene we join Tammy in what looks like a hotel room. She is wearing pink and purple lingerie and starts to flirt with the camera as she starts to get undressed. She starts to masturbate as well, first with her fingers and then with what looks like a glass u shape dildo. She cums quickly as she relaxes on the bed and rubs herself more. She hops up on all fours for a little bit to show off her ass and then goes back on her back to finger herself to climax again. This is a rather short masturbation scene but it works because Tammy does cum pretty quickly and more importantly she isn’t just laying there and rubbing herself, she’s actually getting into different positions and using more than just her fingers. I did notice some quick edits though so I suspect there is more to this scene that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Scene 2: Tammy Lynn Sytch and Derrick Pierce

I’m not sure if you could classify this as a separate scene because it is in the same room and Tammy is wearing the same lingerie but she has everything back on so I will say it is a different scene. Anyway, the scene starts with Tammy and Derrick making out on the bed. Tammy’s close start peeling off as Derrick works his way down her body eventually making his way to her pussy and he starts licking and eating it out. Derrick goes back to kissing Sunny as he continues to finger and rub her while he too gets undressed. This then leads to a nice BJ from Sunny. This eventually leads to missionary. It switches from harder stuff to slow and intimate with the two of them kissing. Cowgirl is then shown next which Sunny seems to enjoy immensely. Unfortunately it is shot from behind though so we can’t see her face and body that much. Sunny then goes back to sucking him off, even deep throating him a little. Spoons is the next position and that turns into missionary after a little while. We go back to spoons but this time in anal. Doggie anal is then next as Tammy moans into the sheets. Back to missionary, vaginal this time, with some light choking to boot. Doggie is then the final position before he pulls out and squirts on her face. I must say that I was pretty impressed here. Tammy came several times, if you go by her own words, and really got into the action as well. I would have liked to have seen some more positions but I will let it go because I know she isn’t a pro and therefore might not be comfortable in other positions.

Scene 3: Tammy Lynn Sytch and Male Performer

Unfortunately I can’t identify the male performer here but the scene starts with the two of them on a couch. They are doing a bit of role play involving handcuffs. They quickly start kissing after Tammy gets cuffed and soon after she is sucking him off. She even deep throats him a bit before getting in doggie on the couch. She then licks his shaft a bit more and then into cowgirl. From there they go into spoons. Some more oral from Sunny and then back to missionary, only slightly modified. The guy then works his fingers and tongue on her pussy. Missionary is then gone back to unto she cums again and then doggie. The scene then finishes up with him dropping his load on her face. I like how they did a little role play for this scene though I do think the previous scene was better overall. Tammy does seem really into the sex though which is definitely a good sign.

Special Features:

This was a download from Vivid so I don’t know what the special features are. If it is like previous Vivid Celeb releases though I would assume there will be trailers and bonus scenes from other Vivid releases.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

This movie is the latest in a new generation of celebrity sex tapes. What I mean by that it is actually produced and made by professionals where as before they were made by the celebrities themselves and may not have been made with the intention of selling it to the public. One of the up sides on this movie is that they didn’t mess around with candid footage where Tammy would talk about her life and instead goes right for what people want and that is sex. That being said Tammy does an excellent job considering she doesn’t have experience having sex for the camera. You see this when her male co-stars adjust her position from time to time. Obviously anyone that was a fan of hers back in her wrestling days would be interested in this as well as celebrity sex tape aficionados. It is a solid title in that regard and I give it a 4.25 out of 5.