Review of Teenage Lesbian

    Based on director Bree Mill’s real life, Teenage Lesbian is the story about a young lesbian named Sam (Kristen Scott) and her struggles with accepting her sexuality. Follow her journey that spans the length of her senior year of high school as she deals with bullying, her divorced parents, school, her search for acceptance and her ultimate triumph over everything. So, let’s find out what it’s like to be a Teenage Lesbian

    Scene 1: Kristen Scott and Aidra Fox

    We start off seeing Kristen walking down the street listening to music when she is grabbed by a group of bullies and thrown into a nearby dumpster. It is September and Kristen’s dad (Tommy Pistol) is trying to talk to about what is going on with her and telling her she needs to say or do something. Later on, in class, she gets a note from a classmate (Aidra Fox), I couldn’t quite read it but considering Kristen shakes her head yes and the next scene is the two of them hanging out I will assume it was asking if she’d like to hangout or study together after school. They end up laying next to each other on the bed. Eventually Aidra starts to slowly rub herself. Kristen notices and starts to masturbate as well. This leads Aidra to reach over and guide her hand over to her body, urging Kristen to rub her. Eventually Kristen crawls under the covers and starts to softly lick Aidra as she clearly enjoys it. Aidra orgasms apparently and Kristen slowly straightens her panties and crawls back up and lays next to her. Not that I was expecting this to be, but it is obvious that this isn’t your typical all-girl porn that people are used to. On a personal note this scene reminds me a lot of my first sexual experience with a girl. It honestly made me tear up a bit at how beautiful it was shown.

    Scene 2: Emily Willis and Gianna Dior

    Onto October now and Kristen and Aidra are still hooking up as we see them in bed together. Kristen ends up drifting off though when Aidra starts telling her about how she hooked up with this boy at school. She is visibly upset as the scene switches to her back at home and sadly eating dinner as she talks to her mom (Dee Williams). After a bath she gets a call from a friend about a party that she doesn’t want to go to, but she is convinced to go anyway. We see her hanging out and eventually she ends up in one of the bedrooms where some others are chilling. Emily Willis and Gianna Dior are two of these people and they are convinced by one of the guys to kiss each other while he watches. Kristen is watching as well, and things heat up quickly as Gianna spreads Emily’s legs and starts to lick her pussy. They comment that she is watching as they continue, now with Gianna being the one who is being licked. They finish up by kissing more as Kristen looks on with a mesmerized look on her face. This scene is more in line with what people would expect from a girl/girl scene. There is a certain meanness to it though as Emily and Gianna egg on Kristen from time to time, knowing that “the dyke” probably wants to join. Again, very relatable.

    Scene 3: Kristen Scott and Alina Lopez

    Back in school now as Kristen is standing by her locker listening to music when Whitney Wright needs to get into her locker. Kristen stares at her a bit and then we skip ahead to December and Christmas. After we see some gift opening, we see Aidra and Kristen drinking in her room and chatting. Kristen eventually leans in and kisses Aidra which then causes her to freak out over Kristen being a lesbian. Back at school again and Kristen, again, gets talked into going to a party by her friend but this time she appears to have a good time. As she is dancing, she catches the eye of Alina Lopez. They chat it up, with Alina noticing that she is wearing a work shirt that says “Mark” on it and thus keeps calling her Mark, and dance and eventually Alina brings her over someplace private and they start to make out. The action heats up quickly as Kristen eats Alina out while she is leaned against a wall. Alina moans and gasps until she cums until she turns the table and then finds out that “Mark” is a girl and then runs off. Kenna James then walks in and catches the end of the confrontation and consoles Kristen and tells her it happens to us all. I really don’t have anything to say about this scene other than watching Alina is always a delight and that this is the first scene I can’t personally relate to. I do know of other lesbians who can though and yes, it’s a crappy situation.

    Scene 4: Kristen Scott and Kenna James

    We skip ahead to February and Kristen is riding in Kenna’s car when she invites her to come to her place and hangout. Kristen tells her how her life is going, and Kenna gives her some advice. This leads to Kenna teaching her how to kiss as well. From there they move onto lessons on foreplay, especially nipple licking. A small bit of teasing follows and then Kenna has Kristen show her how she licks pussy. After Kristen finishes then Kenna shows her how she does it. There is a noticeable intensity uptick once Kenna starts working on Kristen, as should be expected story wise since Kenna has much more experience. After Kenna makes her cum with her mouth she then climbs on top as they start to trib while Kenna occasionally pulls on Kristen’s nipples. Plenty of eye contact here is as both ladies gasp and grab at each other until they smile and kiss each other once they cum. A very sweet and hot scene overall. There is nothing quite like being with someone more experienced and having them show you the ropes as it were. The short bit after the scene is quite cute and funny as Kristen asks how she did and Kenna replies that she was amazing but suggested that she “trim up a bit” and gives her, what I assume, is a lesbian porn tape for cultural reasons.

    Scene 5: Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert Kenna James, Kendra Spade and Maya Kendrick

    Back at her house now we join Kristen as she “trims up” her bush, per Kenna’s suggestion and then she pops the tape in and starts to masturbate. Later, back at school, Whitney needs a smoke while everyone hangs out outside and Kristen gives her one and they start chatting it up and later walk together and hangout. As they chat Kristen says she would love to hangout more and for her to be her girlfriend, but Whitney shuts it down by telling her she isn’t into girls but really likes her. After Kristen walks her home, she has an emotional breakdown back at home. It is now April and Kenna takes Kristen to a LGBT support group meeting. Everyone shares their stories as Kristen looks on and smiles, back to her room and Kristen is watching the video again as she masturbates while sitting up and after the VCR destroys the tape. Next we have Kristen back in school as she is called to the guidance counselor’s office (Brad Armstrong). She is there to talk about her college choice but the one she really wants to go to is the same school that an ex is going to attend, and she doesn’t want to have to deal with that. This comes as a shock to Brad because he didn’t know she was gay. He is physically shaken by the news but continues to talk and asks her if she has come out yet and she admits that she hasn’t. Kristen is then back in her bed and rubbing herself as she starts fantasizing about some of the women we’ve seen up to this point and some new ones. The scene intercuts between Kristen masturbating and the fantasy. Most of the fantasy shots are shot in a way that you can’t really tell who is who and the dark lighting doesn’t help this as well. Still though it is another killer scene. I’m sure everyone reading this can relate to masturbating to similar situations after all.

    Scene 6: Kristen Scott and Kendra Spade

    Now it’s May and we see Kristen looking at herself in the mirror and throwing away the duct tape she had been using to tape down her breasts. At school she is chatting with her male friend from earlier and they are joined by Sarah (Kendra Spade), who is the girl from school who is in the support group. He is a bit upset that she had gone to the group even though he had tried to get her to go before. He then leaves and Kristen and Kendra talk, and she touches her leg as we skip to June. After a chat with her mom in the car we then see Kristen and Kendra kissing while laying on a blanket. After a while Kendra slides down and starts to lick and suck on Kristen’s clit. Plenty of light moans and gasping occur and after some more kissing Kristen gets her turn to love on Kendra as she starts with some nipple sucking and pressing. She eventually works her way down to her pussy though as she dives in as Kendra becomes entranced by her tongue. They then finish with some more kissing and pretty much professing their teenage love for each other and walking hand and hand into the proverbial sunset.

    Final Thoughts and Rating:

    I first want to thank Bree Mills immensely for making this movie. It’s her story and I’m sure there were a lot of smiles and tears involved while writing and filming this. Kristen Scott was perfectly cast, as well as everyone else really. As I’m sure you can tell, this isn’t your everyday porn movie. It shows that you can tell a compelling story and still film sensual and passionate sex and not go over the top with it. This is sorely missing in most porn that is made today and hopefully this is an indication that others will try and shoot cool stuff like this in the future. Teenage Lesbian is something the world needs to see, and I give it a 5 out of 5. As a side note, there is a feature cut the runs in at around half the time and cuts out the hardcore parts. So, if you know someone who you think would enjoy the story but perhaps not want to see all the hardcore sex, then that version would be the way to go.

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