Some of the scariest things are the unknown. Sweetheart Video and director Ricky Greenwood take us on such a journey as we follow a group of women who go out to the woods and are never seen again. Can the police figure out what happened and why the probable suspect left behind all their video evidence? Perhaps what happens at Terror Camp should stay there.

Scene 1: Gianna Dior and Shyla Jennings

We start off with a detective (Silvia Saige) looking over the evidence of a missing persons case. There is a stack on discs, and she puts on in her computer. The footage is from 1996 and shows Shyla and Gianna kissing on a bed. There is also a second camera filming that intercuts with the one Shyla and Gianna setup, but we don’t know who it is that is holding the camera. They soon after undress and engage in more foreplay eventually leading to Shyla sliding her tongue inside while fingering her as well. Next it is Gianna’s turn to lick and finger as Shyla lies on her back. Gianna then climbs on top and rides Shyla’s face while she does a nice job of massaging her boobs. Next we have Shyla on her knees while Gianna eats her out from behind. Shyla stays on her back as Gianna climbs on top for some tribbing before going back to licking and fingering. Gianna is then given the same treatment as she is eaten from behind before getting on her back for some kissing and other foreplay. Shyla then gets to have out own fun while riding Gianna’s face before they go into a 69. The pair then finishes up with Gianna munching down on Shyla’s pussy. A great start here. Gianna and Shyla have great chemistry and would love to see more of them together. I think the scene did go on for bit too long though and may have benefited with a bit more variety.

Scene 2: Alexis Fawx and Cecilia Lion

We go back to Silvia and she is going over more evidence and wonders who shot the video she just watched. She then pops the next disc in and starts to watch it. The scene switches to a van traveling down the highway. Inside the van is Alexis Fawx, Aidra Fox, Aiden Ashley Aiden, Cecilia Lion and Charlotte Stokely. They are all just chilling and talking when they come across Abigail Mac and decide to let her ride along. We then skip ahead to the ladies arriving at their cabin as the mysterious camera shows up as well. After we see the girls hanging out together, we find Alexis and Cecilia in a tent. The discuss the idea that Cecilia needs to stop picking on Aidra or their relationship might get exposed. This then leads to them starting to make out and go into some other foreplay. Cecilia eventually lies back as Alexis proceeds to rub and lick her. Cecilia gets her turn to have some fun next as she starts by licking Alexis’s nipples as she helps her undress before she starts to lick and finger Alexis. From there they go into a 69 with Cecilia on top as she does a lot of grinding. They switch positions next as Alexis climbs on top and rides Cecilia’s tongue as she grips the sides of the tent flap. Alexis takes back control as she straddles her for some tribbing, even having to switch sides halfway through and collapsing on top of her to finish the scene as the creepy camera turns away. Anyone who has watched Alexis Fawx perform knows what to expect and she doesn’t disappoint. Her hyper sexuality combined with Cecilia’s sweet nympho make for an exciting scene overall.

Scene 3: Abigail Mac and Aiden Ashley

We go back to see Charlotte and Aidra are freaking out because something keeps banging on their window, but they don’t know who or what. It’s then the next morning and Alexis is gone. Aiden is asked about it, but she seems kind of squirrelly with her answers and Cecelia is no help either. Everyone, as it turns out, is worried about Alexis and for good reason probably. Now after this is when the story starts getting creepier and more intense, so I will stop breaking that portion down and will focus on the sex scenes. With that said we see Abigail and Aiden having a heart to heart over life and what they want out of it while sitting on the porch. They soon start to kiss and undress. They work slowly as they continue to undress and kiss, lick and nibble on each other as the scene is shot in voyeur style, peeking through some foliage. Eventually things get serious as Aiden leans back on the chair they are on as Abigail gets on her knees and starts eating her out. After they kiss some more, Aiden starts licking and fingering Abigail as she arches up from the floor. They get side by side next and against start kissing before Abigail goes back to working on Aiden. They then flip positions again before Aiden climbs on top and grinding Abigail’s pussy with hers. The scene then finishes with Aiden going back and licking Abigail and then cuddle. This is a very sensual scene and probably my favorite for this movie. The energy between Aiden and Abigail is palpable. The only downside is that sometimes what was happening was obscured because of the “creeper” cam but it is a minor concern because I understand why they did it.

Scene 4: Aidra Fox and Charlotte Stokely

By the time this final sex scenes starts both Aidra and Charlotte are very afraid and confused about what is happening. They can’t suppress their feelings anymore and they start to make out. Plenty of foreplay follows as they start getting naked leading to Aidra eating out Charlotte as she places her legs on her shoulders. After plenty of kissing and rubbing, Charlotte takes control and starts devouring Aidra. Next we see Aidra laying down as Charlotte starts bouncing herself on her tongue and fingers. Next we get some intense tribbing before they get into spoons where they kiss and Charlotte fingers Aidra. They end with Aidra leaning back as Charlotte flicks her tongue some more before they fall into each other’s arms. This is probably the most intense scene because of all the scariness that leads up to it. Charlotte seemed to do most of the work here so I would have liked to have seen Aidra more involved, but they may have just been an editing decision.
I’m not going to give away the ending obviously, but I will say that we finish where we start, with Silvia working on the case.

Special Features:

I viewed this through a screener link through Sweetheart Video so I will let you all know of any special features when I get a physical copy.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Horror and porn are natural partners I mean how many horror movies have you seen that have plenty of nudity and “sex” scenes? The fact that this is a lesbian story is especially fun to watch simply for the fact that you never really see that. I would have liked to know more about who Gianna and Shyla were in comparison to the other characters in the movie but other than that the story itself pulls you right in. Hopefully Sweetheart and Ricky Greenwood decide to do more movies in this genre in the future. If you enjoy lesbian porn and like a good story, then you should pick this one up. I give Terror Camp a 4.75 out of 5.


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