Gina and Kevin (Riley Reid and Anthony Rosano) are roommates and best friends. Unfortunately for Kevin though, he has developed a major crush on Gina. One day, Gina suggest that they set up online dating profiles in order to meet the perfect one and Kevin ends up creating a fake profile in order to win over her heart. Things quickly spin out of control though and what ends up happening may end up destroying their friendship. So the question is; will Kevin find love or heartbreak in The Friend Zone.

Scene 1: Lexi Bloom and Danny Mountain

Lexi plays Riley’s sister Wendy and she has been going out with Mack (Danny Mountain) for 10 years. She calls Riley, all excited; because she thinks that he is finally going to pop the question. She then gets in some lacey white lingerie to wait for him to come home. He comes in with champagne and flowers for Lexi and after a quick conversation they start to kiss. There is some foreplay action from both of them before Danny rolls back Lexi’s legs and starts to eat her out. Lexi returns the favor with a sensuous blowjob. With her lingerie still on, Lexi then climbs on top of Danny and rides him in cowgirl before they both roll onto their sides for spoons. Lexi gets on her hands and knees next for doggie and then onto her back for missionary. Danny eventually can’t take anymore as he pulls out and cums across her stomach, which is still covered by her lingerie. Seeing that this is a Romance Series movie, this scene isn’t what most people would call “high energy”. It is highly sensual though and Lexi and Danny have some really good chemistry and played off each other really well. I was also a bit surprised that there were four positions in the scene; typically I would expect to see three.

As it turns out, he doesn’t ask her to marry him and instead says that the relationship isn’t working for him anymore. She is of course devastated and ends up moving in with Riley and Anthony. This is the point where Riley comes up with the idea of online dating and Anthony, of course, doesn’t think it’s such a good idea, but he ends up going along with it anyway. While at work the next day, after he decided he would create a profile against his better judgment, Anthony talks with one of the guys at his work (Xander Corvus) who basically tells him what he needs to do to get chicks using online dating. What he ends up doing though is creating a profile with his other co-worker’s picture. The plan works perfectly until Riley sees the profile and starts to send him messages.

Scene 2: Dana DeArmond and Xander Corvus

The next day at work, Anthony gets confronted by Xander because he wants to know if he has hooked up with any of the ladies online yet. He tells him no and then Xander proceeds to tell the story of some zookeeper he had sex with that had a nut fetish Before he could finish those, he is interrupted by his ex-girlfriend (Dana DeArmond), who needs to talk with him privately. They head to the bathroom where she apologizes to him for having sex with her boss; it was on her bucket list after all. Once in the bathroom, Xander drops his whole asshole persona that he uses in front of the guys and starts being sincere. After they decide to get back together they start to make out. After a bit of foreplay, Xander starts lapping up her clam while she is by the toilet. She turns things around soon after though and start going down on his cock. After they are both completely nude it is time for some standing doggie while they kiss at the same time. Next up is missionary as Dana sits on this shelf on the side of room. Xander finishes up with a popshot on Dana’s belly while she is still seated. This scene is definitely more intense then the first scene. I really wouldn’t expect anything less from Dana though. Plus the intensity matches up with the whole setup. That being that they are having makeup sex, which as everyone knows, is usually pretty intense.

Dana and Xander then come back into the room with the other guys and Xander is still fawning over her, it’s probably one of the funniest things in the movie. Back on the home front, Lexi is freaking out because she can’t seem to meet anyone good and Riley is starting to fall for the fake profile, especially since “he” finally replied to an email. We then see them exchange a series of emails and eventually, Riley wants to meet “him”. At this point, Anthony knows he is in deep trouble and he figures he should just tell her now, before things get any worse. As he is about to tell he, Lexi comes home and is so happy because she finally met a good guy from the site.

Scene 3: Lexi Bloom and Giovanni Francesco

As Lexi is telling the story we switch to a flashback to the night before. We see them coming into the living room and kissing as they make their way to the couch. As it turns out, the guy is Anthony’s work friend, the same one who’s picture he used for his fake profile. Things escalate quickly and Lexi starts sucking him off before Giovanni starts working Lexi’s pussy. Missionary is the first position up as they start with Lexi’s ass hanging off the couch but then end up with Giovanni completely on top of her. Lexi gets on top next for cowgirl while he squeezes her breasts and nuzzles her neck. A quick go in doggie follows and then into the final positions spoons. Giovanni then pulls out and sprays his load on Lexi’s chest. Just like Lexi’s other scene, this one is pretty sensual. Personally, I think it should have been closer to Dana’s scene because this was supposed to be a first time romp/possible one night stand and those are typically a bit more intense.

After she finishes telling the story, Lexi gets up to go take a shower and then the doorbell rings. Riley goes over to answer it and sees her online crush standing on the other side of the door. She of course thinks he is there for her, not knowing that he is the guy Lexi was talking about. She starts coming onto him hard and he is confused, as would be expected, until Lexi comes into the room and he goes over to her. Just then, Anthony walks by and pretty much knows he is in really deep trouble and confesses everything. At this point we are caught up to the beginning of the movie where we saw Riley throw a glass of water in his face. As would be expected, they have a falling out and Riley basically turns into what Anthony was like earlier in the films.

Scene 4: Riley Reid and Anthony Rosano

So, Anthony confronts Riley to apologize for what he did and to get her to admit that she fell in love with the fake profile because of how he looked because everything else about “him” was the same as him. After a touching conversation, they start to kiss. Riley gets on the bed as Anthony starts to undress her and commence with foreplay before softly working his tongue inside her pussy. She returns the favor by licking his shaft while he lies down. She then crawls up his body and settles herself on him for cowgirl. Missionary is next as the clothes that were on the bed get strewn about before they go into spoons. Riley rolls onto her back again so they can finish in missionary but this time she puts one of her legs on his shoulder. The scene finishes with Anthony cumming on her belly. Now I mentioned that the last scene probably should have been more intense because it was kind of a one night stand kind of hook-up, even though the two characters end up together afterwards, and this scene is the same tone, maybe more sensual though, but because the two characters are in love, it makes more sense in this case. I did love this scene though, the chemistry between Riley and Anthony is really good and you really got a sense of how much the characters cared for each other throughout the movie.


We get some nice extras with this movie, including a nice BTS, outtakes, photo gallery, trailers and a “pick your pleasure” option, so that you can just watch the position you want, though spoons is left off the list.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

The Romance Series for New Sensations is quickly becoming a must buy for couples and for fans of story driven porn. Jacky St. James, the writer, does a great job of mixing the comedy and dramatic elements very well together. Each of the actors did an excellent job but I particularly enjoyed Riley and Lexi, especially when Lexi was acting all depressed after her breakup, she was really cute and funny at the same time. As much as I liked this movie, I was surprised that Riley, being the star and all, only having one scene. I think one scene of her having a one night stand with a guy, before they setup the online profiles, would have set the stage of Anthony being in the friend zone but what they ended up doing worked really well too, If you are a fan of story driven porn and especially if you enjoy The Romance Series, you should definitely pick this up. I give The Friend Zone a 4.5 out 5.