The JOBFrom Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong, Zoe (jessica drake) gets the surprise of her life when she is assigned by her job to interview Asa Akira (playing herself). While understandably nervous, she dives right in as she learns all she can about Asa and the world of porn. The real surprise is what this new gig and friendship she has formed will open up a whole new realm of her sexuality. Now it is time to find out what The J.O.B. is all about.

Scene 1: Asa Akira, Adriana Chechik, Alec Knight and Alex Jones

The movie starts with jessica walking to work as she explains what is going on with her work life. She recently had to take a new job as a writer because the magazine she worked for folded. She now works for a website and today is the day she finds out she will be talking to Asa Akira about what it’s like to be in porn. As part of her prep she reads her book, Insatiable, and tells her boyfriend (Eric Masterson), who knows all about her and wants to meet her but she says no. The next day she shows up at set in the middle of them shooting a scene. She sits next to director Brad Armstrong. Both ladies are in the middle of BJs, Asa with Alec and Adriana with Alex. Adriana then hops up on a pool table for missionary. Asa and Alec go into missionary soon after this while Asa sits on a stool. Adriana changes things up as she bends over the pool table for standing doggie. Asa and Adriana then switch partners as they lick each others juices off before Asa goes into cowgirl, with direction from Brad, and Adriana goes into doggie. Adriana goes into missionary with Alec and Asa moves into missionary as well before going into doggie. Asa moves to the pool table next for cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl anal while Adriana concentrates on more oral. Asa ends up taking Alex’s load and shares Alec’s with Adriana. Girl/girl/boy/boy scenes are a little tough to review because there is a lot going on, as you can tell. It was easier here though because there was hardly any interaction among the four performers here, making it two girl/boy pairs instead of one group of four. A bit of comedy is infused as well with Brad giving direction off to the side while jessica looks on in amazement.

Scene 2: Asa Akira and jessica drake

After the scene is over Asa and jessica end up meeting and after Asa gets cleaned up they go off to do the interview. Asa proceeds to talk about her life and work including what she think the J.O.B. is “Jerking Off Boys” Some of the stuff that she talks about is very true about the industry and it makes the whole scene very meta. They take a break to get something to eat and continue the interview at Asa’s place. This eventually leads to Asa just going for it as she kisses jessica. They slowly start to make out after this as Asa slowly strips down jessica, leading to her fingering and licking her pussy, Asa also gets undressed as they continue to make out before a golden vibrator is pulled out as jessica uses it on Asa. Asa uses it on jessica after this as she is bent over the couch. Asa gets it inside her a little more before jessica climb on top of her from some tribbing after she eats her out. This leads to Asa licking jessica while she lies back on the couch before finishing the scene with some kissing. I’m just going to go ahead and say that this will be nominated for girl/girl scene of the year. It is very passionate and you can tell that Asa and jessica enjoy being with each other.

Scene 3: jessica drake and Eric Masterson

Once they are done they chat some more and jessica says that her boyfriend is going to be jealous and they agree to continue talking the next day. Later that night jessica climbs into bed with Eric, while he is already asleep. He then wakes up and asks her about her day and she tells him a little but not much and they start kissing. It doesn’t take long and Eric is between her legs and licking her. She returns the favor with an energetic blowjob. From there they go into spoons. Doggie is up next and jessica seems to be really into it, especially when Eric slides a thumb in her ass. They wrap it up in missionary before Eric shoots his load on her belly. What can really be said about jessica that hasn’t been said before? She always does a good, if not great, job on her scenes and I would say this one is closer to great. She and Eric were able to show sex between a couple that has been together for a while, sensual but still a bit nasty.

Scene 4: Mia Li and Brad Armstrong

It is the next day and jessica gets a call from Asa to let her know that the shoot was canceled but she says she needs to get retested and Asa agrees to let her tag along. They meet up at the testing center and because she had never been tested, Asa talks jessica into doing it. They both get tested and Asa leaves to run errands. Meanwhile in a bathroom somewhere we find Brad and Mia and after a quick conversation they start marking out as Brad fingers Mia, both in the ass and pussy. She then sucks him off a bit before going into standing missionary. From there they go to standing doggie. They go back to standing missionary except this time Mia holds herself up in the air before they go to the floor for reverse cowgirl anal. Standing doggie anal is the final position until Brad pops on her face. While the action is pretty hot in the scene it is one of those scenes that don’t seem to fit within the story line. This one however does because of the scene that follows it.

Scene 5: Asa Akira, jessica drake and Ryan Driller

Asa and jessica get their results and they’re both clean. They catch Mia and Brad coming out of the bathroom and Asa busts him for it. Later on Asa convinces her to actually appear in a porn movie. In this case she is playing a flight attendant. Asa plays a bit of a trick on her during the scene and when that is over they do it again and after jessica is off screen Asa and Ryan start kissing as she watches. The situation really turns her on as she starts to rub herself while watching. Meanwhile Asa mounts Ryan and starts to grind. They continue to engage in foreplay and then Ryan eats her out while she sits upon one of the seats. She of course blows him after this and there is even some gagging and 69 too. From there they go into missionary as Asa sees jessica masturbating. Asa bends over the seats for doggie next and after some more licking and sucking they go back to standing doggie. The camera keeps switching throughout between the couple and jessica masturbating as Asa and Ryan finish with cowgirl and him dropping his load on her tongue. Ryan then walks over to jessica to let her suck him off until he cums in her mouth. There is just something especially hot about voyeurism and this scene shows why. The sex between Asa and Ryan was particularly high energy too which made it all the better over all.

Scene 6: Orgy

Now I am not going to spoil the ending and as you probably know I don’t breakdown orgies because I find them too chaotic to be able to do so. I will say that there is quite a bit of action including anal and DP. I however don’t want to reveal who is in the orgy beyond jessica and Asa, I will say it’s worth the cost of the movie though.


This was reviewed via a download from I will update this when I receive my physical copy

Final Thoughts and Rating:

Many people who are fans of porn don’t realize what is actually involved with making the movies. This movie does a good job of showing what goes on behind the scenes. At the end of the day though this is still a porn movie and on that front it does an excellent job. All the scenes are well shot and the sex is a joy to watch. This definitely one of the best features I have seen over the last couple years and I give The J.O.B. a 5 out of 5.