preachers-daughterBrad Armstrong and Wicked are back at as they delve into the controversial realm of religion and sex. The story revolves around Marissa (Mia Malkova). She is the daughter of the town preacher (Brad Armstrong) and has always been a good little girl, as it were. However she is 19 and starting to be approached by boys. One such boy is Billy (Xander Corvus) who has a reputation for being a troublemaker. As Marissa and Billy become closer her family grows more and more concerned as they confront her and try to get Billy out of her and their lives. Will they get their way or will The Preacher’s Daughter come back to her loving family.

Due to the nature of the story I feel it prudent to not give too much away so I will do a strict sex scene breakdown with small bits of plot thrown in for context.

Scene 1: Mia Malkova and Blair Williams

Blair is good friends with Mia and they are chatting in Blair’s room. Mia tells her about her first kiss and Blair laughs it off as not really being a kiss because of the lack of tongue and offers to show her. Mia is shocked but allows her. This leads to them making out and undressing. Blair kisses her way down Mia’s body and starts licking and fingering her pussy as Mia gets really into it. Then it is Blair’s turn as she leans back and Mia starts licking and sucking. I’m just come out and say that this scene was very hot to me. I love the soft and sensual approach because it makes sense when one of the people are supposed to be having their first sexual experience. Hopefully Mia and Blair get paired up again because I found their chemistry to be very high.

Scene 2: Mia Malkova and Xander Corvus

Mia has a very short masturbation scene before this but I wouldn’t really consider it a scene so we will move on to the next scene which involves her and Xander. They go out and have a picnic which of course leads to some naughtiness. They get up from where they start out, by a river, and move to a blanket next to a tire swing where they start making out. The action then starts with Xander eating her out before she gives him a soft and sensual blowjob. From there they go into missionary which starts out slow and steadily gets more intense. Spoons is the next and final position but it doesn’t last too long as Xander pops on bush and pussy. Here we have another soft and sensual scene. This is again realistic for the character involved because of her lack of experience.

Scene 3: Alexis Fawx and Brad Armstrong

Brad and Alexis are concerned about Mia hanging out with Xander and they talk about it before they start kissing. They start off quickly with Brad going down on her after some foreplay. Alexis takes her turn by licking his shaft up and down before leaning back into missionary. From there Alexis gets on top for cowgirl before getting on all fours for doggie. At this point Brad is getting rough because he is thinking about what Xander and Mia have been doing before spraying Alexis’s ass. The evolution of this scene was interesting because it starts off soft, as would be expected from a married couple, and turns aggressive by the end. Alexis does a great job reacting at the end as her face is one of shock.

Scene 4: Jessa Rhodes and Xander Corvus

Xander goes out to get some apple pie at the diner after his night was interrupted and runs into Jessa who is working there. She closes up the diner and then proceeds to make out and grind on Xander. Jessa quickly drops to her knees to stroke and suck him off and then gets a treat of her own as her eats her out from behind for a bit before she goes back to the BJ. Next up is some high high energy standing doggie. Missionary, again high energy, is next and is followed with cowgirl. They go back to doggie after this and then back to missionary. The scene finishes with a nice pop on Jessa’s face. Obviously this scene is way different than the previous three. The intensity is cranked up and just like the previous scenes it fits the characters perfectly. Jessa is definitely something to behold here as well.

Scene 5: Mia Malkova and Xander Corvus

We’re back to our main couple who this time are in the back of his truck. After a short conversation they get right to it as Xander starts fingering and licking her. Next up is Mia’s turn at oral as things get rougher than before as she chokes a bit and he slaps her ass. Standing doggie is the first position once the sex starts. From there they get into the truck bed for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Missionary is the final position before he drops his load in her mouth. While not as intense as the last scene, this scene dramatically different than the first scene between these two. This again is an evolution because they are no longer first time lovers and Mia’s character is much more open at this point.

Scene 6: Mercedes Carrera and Brad Armstrong

Brad comes out to visit Mercedes to find out information about Xander. She is his half-sister as well. She is also a prostitute who charges $100 an hour and after she tells him what he needs to know she forces herself on him and they start to kiss. Some foreplay ensues and after they both undress some more she starts with the blowjob. There is even some choking from Mercedes before she hops on in cowgirl while her ass is fingered as well. Missionary is the next position before they move onto reverse cowgirl anal. The scene concludes with a nice cumshot in her mouth and face. The sex here is kind of sloppy but considering they are in a RV camper it makes sense. I was expected a bit more energy here but the scene was still really well done.

Scene 7: Mercedes Carrera and Xander Corvus

We find out after the scene is concluded but these two are not related at all. It was just a setup to get Brad to trust her. The scene opens quickly as we have Mercedes sucking him off in bed. Xander then turns the tables and starts fingering and eating her out as well. They go straight into missionary next as the intensity increases. They switch to spoons next and then right into cowgirl. Xander then finishes with a facial. Another intense scene here but unneeded in my opinion if simply because I think the previous scene might have worked better as an oral only scene. They both still work and I love the differences in the performances between Xander and Brad.


This was reviewed via a download from so I am not sure what extras there are on the disc but I will break them down when I get my physical copy.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

I was really excited when I first heard about this movie. While not technically a sequel to Falling from Grace it is in many ways a spiritual successor. The greatest thing to me was the care taken to make each sex scene unique and true to the characters in them and to where they were in the story. The two Mia and Xander scenes are perfect examples of this as the first scene is soft and sweet as a meeting of first time lovers tend to be and the second scene is more intense and open. As far as a straight up drama this is one of the best movies Wicked and Brad have made in the last few years and I give The Preacher’s Daughter a 5 out of 5.