UnderworldWicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong wish to take you on an amazing journey to another realm in Underworld. The story is about a couple, Tanya and Brian (jessica drake and Steven St. Croix). After a passionate night of love making, the couple walks out and gets jumped by some hooded thieves. When the smoke clears, Tanya is show and unconscious. While the doctors and nurses try to save her life, she goes through a series of ordeals in the underworld. Each stage in this journey is one step closer to either her living or dying. Find out what happened in Wicked’s newest big budget movie, Underworld.

Scene 1: jessica drake and Steven St. Croix

The movie starts off with jessica and Steven making out in bed. Quick cuts are used as they quickly make their way through some foreplay, leading to a quick blowjob from jessica before she straddles his face for some 69 action. Steven flips her over onto her belly where he licks her pussy a bit more before he starts to slide himself in her in doggie, getting quite intense by the end. jessica turns the tables next as she climbs on top for cowgirl. Some intense missionary is used for the final position before he pulls out to come on her tongue and chest. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the intensity of this opening scene considering where the story and action is going, I think you may be surprised too. That being said, it was quite hot. I was also surprised by the length at around eight minutes. I don’t know if it was longer and they cut it down for time or not but Wicked sex scenes are usually 10 to 12 minutes.

Scene 2: Presley Hart and Brad Armstrong

At the hospital, after jessica gets shot, Presley, as a nurse, and Brad, a doctor, are having a bit of a lovers spat. Presley feels underappreciated and wants a nice night out with her man. In the meantime though she wants some sex and they go off into another room where they immediately start to kiss as soon as they get in the door. They both get in the bed and Brad starts to finger her while they stay dressed and while they kiss. This soon leads to Presley putting her legs up as Brad starts going down on her. They proceed to get further undressed as Presley moves onto sucking Brad off. Brad fingers her a bit more and that leads into standing doggie and then some aggressive cowgirl from Presley. Just like the previous scene, this scene ends with missionary and with Brad dropping his load on Presley’s tongue and chest. Here we have another good scene. I think it was pretty obvious that Presley was really turned on throughout, which is definitely a turn on for the audience. I would have liked if this scene had some more variety compared to the last scene but that is a pretty minor quibble.

Scene 3: Julia Ann and Xander Corvus

After Presley and Brad are done, Brad gets pulled away in order to attend to jessica and her gunshot wound. While on the operating table, she is transported to the fantasy realm that most of the movie is going to take place in. There she first meets Slice (Xander Corvus), who explains what is going to happen while she is down there. Simply that she is where her face will be decided, while the doctors in the real world do their work. Next she meets Mecha (Julia Ann) who explains further what is happening. I don’t want to give too much of the story away so I am being vague on purpose. Trust me, it is very interesting. After this conversation, jessica is sent further down the underworld and once she has moved on Julia starts to suck off Xander. Unfortunately this is an oral only scene. Considering that Julia’s character is completely mechanical from the waist down it makes sense but at the same time I would have loved to see Julia in a full sex scene. Julia still does a good job though and the scene ends with Xander squirting in her mouth.

Scene 4: jessica drake, Asa Akira, TJ Cummings and Eric Masterson

On the surface world, jessica is receiving a blood transfusion and while in the underworld she meets Scarlett (Asa Akira), who represents her blood and is there to reinvigorate her. They sensuously kiss and are soon joined by two men clad in red who start by caressing them. Asa and jessica then pair off with one of the guys as jessica starts by getting eaten out, Asa starts with a blowjob. It doesn’t take long though for jessica to start blowing her guy as well. Asa then moves into doggie. jessica’s guy lays down as she continues to work on his cock with Asa’s occasional help. The girls switch partners as Asa starts in on some cowgirl while jessica goes with missionary. Cowgirl is next for jessica as Asa moves into 69. The girls switch again. Asa and her guy engage in standing doggie anal while jessica and her guy go with reverse cowgirl anal. After a quick bit of pussy eating on jessica, the action then turns to a DP on jessica as Asa kisses her. Both of them then share each guys load to finish the scene. This is hands down my favorite scene in the movie. The sex is intense and knowing that jessica enjoys anal and DP a lot is a real plus. I would have liked some more interaction between Asa and jessica but other than that this scene is really solid. One more note, it was kind of hard to determine which guy was with which girl throughout the scene so I am making a guess on some of the partner changes.

Scene 5: Adrianna Luna, Cameron Dee and Tommy Gunn

There is a brief scene in the real world where Steven is telling a cop what happened before we go back to jessica who makes her way through yet another door. This door leads to a desert setting where she meets Radius (Tommy Gunn). He starts to guide her through the desert and at one point pulls out two bones and tosses them behind them. As they walk away we find that they have turned into two female warriors, Tibia and Ulna (Adrianna Luna and Cameron Dee). They all eventually make it through and after jessica leaves the three warriors start to kiss. It doesn’t take long for both Cameron and Adrianna to start licking and sucking on Tommy’s cock. Cameron gets the first position and it is reverse cowgirl as Adrianna plays with her too. Adrianna gets her turn in standing doggie. Cameron proceeds to rub herself during this and occasionally rubs Adrianna as well. The scene then ends with both ladies sharing Tommy’s cum. While I thought this scene was pretty good, I think they could have easily left it out and the movie would still flow really well. I am a sucker for outdoor scenes like this, so I still liked it.

Scene 6: jessica drake, and Capri Cavanni

As it turns out, jessica wasn’t as OK as they had thought because next thing we see is a trail of blood leading to her body in the sand. She then enters what I can only describe as a dream within a dream. Here she meets Gauze (Capri Cavanni). The scene starts out very trippy but it doesn’t take long before we just have jessica and Capri on this platform in the middle of some water as jessica fingers and licks her. After some nice kissing it is jessica’s turn for some pleasure as Capri pulls out a nice glass dildo that she quickly uses on jessica’s ass. This leads to jessica taking control of the toy while Capri eats her out while she uses a toy on herself as well. The scene finishes with jessica using a toy on Capri. It goes perfectly with the feel of the scene but I did have one issue with this scene and that is that they filmed a good portion of it from afar. Still though, the actual action is quite pleasing to watch.

Scene 7: jessica drake, Asphyxia Noir and Toni Ribas

The next stop on journey finds jessica strapped to a wall where she meets Stitch (Asphyxia Noir) and Suture (k). After a brief chat, Asphyxia releases her from the wall and the two of them start to make out. They are soon joined by Toni and they both take turns sucking him off for little bit before jessica mounts him and rides him in cowgirl. Asphyxia has her first turn in doggie while she and jessica kiss a bit. jessica goes back to cowgirl while Asphyxia rides Toni’s mouth but then she gets her own turn at anal in spoons. Reverse cowgirl l is up next for jessica followed by missionary. Asphyxia goes back to anal spoons before jessica goes to missionary. Spoons is next for jessica and then reverse cowgirl anal while Asphyxia rubs herself. Asphyxia has some more anal in missionary and then jessica goes back to reverse cowgirl before Asphyxia finishes in missionary. As you can tell from the description, this scene is kind of hard to follow. There are a lot of jumps from position to position, so it makes for a very jerky scene but I think it works for this scene. It does make it kind of hard to get into but it does make for interesting viewing on its own.

Scene 8: jessica drake and Derrick Pierce

Back in the real world the surgery has gone well but the doctors still aren’t sure if she’ll make it. In the underworld though, jessica is in for one more confrontation, this with Death himself (Derrick Pierce). He is there to take her obviously but she wants to barter instead. He initially rejects her offer but she takes things into her own hands and kisses him anyway. He decides to think about and says she can do what she likes. She ends up on her knees after this and starts sucking him off. She then gets on a table in the middle of the room and Derrick proceeds to start having sex with her in missionary. Doggie position is up next as jessica does an excellent job of working her hips throughout. The next position is spoons and it is anal as well, with jessica spreading her pussy too. The scene finishes with the back in missionary, anal this time, and Derrick dropping his load on waiting tongue. Even though this is similar to the other two boy/girl scenes, there was a much higher intensity in this one that I appreciated and enjoyed.

I am definitely not going to spoil the ending here. I will say that it is a bit clichéd but with an interesting twist leading up to it.


As would be expected from a big Wicked Pictures release, the extras here are plentiful. As would be expected there is a nice BTS segment which is hosted by Brad Armstrong. There is also BTS video on just the sex scenes, interviews with the girls in the movie except for Asa Akira and a video on the girls in the movie including a clip of the woman who did the silks work for Capri Cavanni’s scene. One of the cooler clips also involves a behind the scene look at the character designs and wardrobe selections. Three extra sex scenes from other Wicked Pictures movies, Sexpionage, Tuff Love and Stimulant, are also included as well as trailers and a promo reel. All in all some pretty solid extras. I would have liked a blooper reel and some longer interview clips with the cast, including the men, but that is a small quibble.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

As far as quality of story, production value and steamy sex, you usually can’t go wrong with a big budget Wicked release and this is no exception. I will say that I do miss the fantasy genre in porn. It is something that has been shied away from, due mostly to budget restraints I’m sure. Brad Armstrong is certainly in his element here and I sincerely hope that he considers doing more fantasy movies in the future. I would nott be surprised if this movie cleans up come awards season as well. Overall this is a must see and I give it a 5 out of 5.