frontWicked Passions’ presents Waiting on Love, a charming tale about unrequited love by writer and director Stormy Daniels. Ally (Carter Cruise) has a crush on bartender, Brandon (Michael Vegas) and after a romantic rendezvous, falls for him prematurely. Nursing a broken heart, Ally has no interest in dating. Mason (Chad White) is Ally and Jade’s (Karlie Montana) quiet neighbour, who is set on reconciling with his estranged actress-wife, Sophia (Stormy Daniels). A friendship develops between Ally and Mason and just as they are beginning to recognize their feelings for each other, disaster strikes at the wedding of Rita (Nikki Daniels) and Issac (Steven St. Croix). Does history repeat itself for Ally and Mason, or are they given a second chance at a new beginning?

Scene 1: Nikki Daniels and Steven St. Croix

Newly engaged couple Rita (Nikki Daniels) and Issac (Steven St. Croix) return home from the bar after celebrating their happy news with friends and family. Issac slyly suggests that they practice for the honeymoon.

The scene begins playfully with Steven sucking on Nikki’s toes. He continues to kiss her chest and stomach. Oral sex is performed on Nikki, followed by Steven receiving a blowjob. The sixty-nine position is shown next, followed by doggy-style and cowgirl. The scene ends in missionary where Steven ejaculates on Nikki’s chest and stomach.

I enjoyed this scene for the most part and feel it’s a playful scene that couples will enjoy watching. If you’re a fan of watching oral sex being performed on women, then you’re in for a treat, as this position gets lengthy camera time. I was also happy to see the sixty-nine position, which is, unfortunately, not demonstrated very often in Wicked Passions’ movies. It’s a refreshing position for viewers to see because it focuses on achieving partners’ mutual pleasure, which is great for couples.

Ultimately, I like how the scene starts and progresses, until the missionary position is shown. Here, the thrusting is a bit too aggressive and some viewers may not like to see that Steven spits on Nikki’s clitoris. These techniques are better suited for hardcore adult entertainment.

Overall, this is a playful scene that viewers will enjoy watching.

Scene 2: Carter Cruise and Michael Vegas

Ally (Carter Cruise) has a crush on her bartender-co-worker Brandon (Michael Vegas). With the help of her clever friend, (Dana DeArmond) Ally makes her move when she helps Brandon close down the bar.

The scene begins with intense kissing as Michael fingers Carter in her shorts and continues to kiss her neck and chest. Michael receives a blowjob next, followed by Carter receiving oral sex on top of the bar. Cowgirl is shown next, followed by a sideways position, and the sex concludes in missionary with Michael ejaculating on Carter’s stomach.

This is a passionate scene and Carter and Michael have a good on-screen chemistry. I like the music because it complements the intensity of the sex. My favourite part of the scene is at the end when Carter kisses Michael’s shoulder and then smiles. It’s a sweet gesture that is highlighted with a great camera shot.

While I enjoyed this scene, I didn’t enjoy Michael’s intense fingering and rubbing of Carter’s clitoris, which was too aggressive. I also didn’t like the missionary position, as the smacking noises were a turn-off.

Ultimately, I liked this scene and viewers will appreciate a solid on-screen chemistry between Carter and Michael.

Scene 3: Karlie Montana and Chad White

Ally (Carter Cruise) mentions to Jade (Karlie Montana) that Mason (Chad White) has lost his dog. Seductively dressed, Jade goes over to Mason’s house to check on him and offers to take his mind off the situation. Mason tries to resist Jade, but she puts her fingers over his mouth and starts to massage him.

Karlie and Chad kiss passionately and remove their shirts. Chad receives a blowjob and then the cowgirl position is shown. Reverse cowgirl is shown next and the scene concludes in doggy-style, as Chad ejaculates on Karlie’s bum.

I enjoyed this scene and loved the song that played, as it really enhanced Karlie’s seduction of Chad. I’m normally not a fan of watching blowjobs, but I felt that this one was well done. Chad is attentive to Karlie here and rubs her bum and back, as he receives pleasure. I also appreciated how there were no smacking noises, which are a turn-off in softer movies that are designed for women and couples. I also liked how this position was shot, as it allows viewers to see Chad’s facial expressions while he receives pleasure. For female fans of male performers, it’s always hot and refreshing to see men’s facial reactions during sex. Camera shots of male facial expressions during sex need to be shown more in adult entertainment, and especially in movies that are designed for women and couples.

Ultimately, I have no criticisms of this scene, and viewers will be aroused by the seductive music and chemistry between Karlie and Chad.

Scene 4: Carter Cruise and Chad White

Ally (Carter Cruise) and Mason (Chad White) are faced with an unexpected obstacle towards the end of the movie. Mason makes his decision and reconciles with Ally on her lawn while they kiss passionately in the rain.

The scene begins with lots of passionate and sensual kissing as they begin to remove clothing. Oral sex is performed on Carter, followed by Chad receiving a blowjob. The sixty-nine position is shown next, followed by cowgirl, and spooning on the couch. The scene concludes in a variation of missionary, where Chad ejaculates on Carter’s chest.

This is probably my favourite sex scene in the movie. I love the chemistry between Carter and Chad. I loved watching Carter receive oral, as Chad’s attentiveness is intensely hot. A cute moment during the scene is when Chad accidentally gets a bit of ejaculation on Carter’s face (which is generally reserved for hardcore adult entertainment). Chad kisses the top of her forehead instead of her mouth and they share a laugh about the misplacement of Chad’s ejaculate. I appreciate how Stormy captured this genuine moment on camera and left it in the movie to remind viewers to laugh when mishaps happen during sex.

Extras: I didn’t have a chance to see the special features of the DVD, as I watched and reviewed Waiting on Love on Wicked’s awesome website:

Final Thoughts:

Stormy Daniels does a wonderful job as writer, producer, and director for Waiting on Love. The cast give solid performances in this movie, and I was particularly blown away by Carter Cruise! She is an amazing actress and performer, and it’s no surprise that she’s racking up multiple awards for her various performances within the industry. It was also nice to see Chad White again in a Passions movie. He played his character with ease and confidence. I loved the guest appearances by Dana DeArmond and Stormy Daniels, too.

Ultimately, Waiting on Love is enhanced by a great soundtrack, solid cast, and well-written script. It’s definitely worth adding to your DVD collection, and it’s my new-release movie recommendation for Valentine’s Day this year.

Rating: 4.25 out of 5