WantedWicked Pictures and Adam & Eve, with Stormy Daniels writing, directing and starring, present to you a porn Western like never before. Stormy is joined by Amber Rayne in her final performance, as well as reigning AVN Performer of the Year Anikka Albrite and Allie Haze as four unlikely friends running from the law and for their lives. So now it’s time to find out what it is like to be Wanted.

Scene 1: Anikka Albrite and Jay Crew

The movie opens up in the home of Frank Garrett (Jay Crew) and his wife (jessica drake). He is very sick and ends up collapsing. The doctor is called and he gives him some medicine and tells him to take it easy but the next day he rides into town. He has a meeting later but first he wants to visit Joanna (Anikka Albrite), a prostitute that he is a regular client for. After a small chat they start to make out and get undressed. Jay wastes no time however and is soon eating Anikka out and is then rewarded with a nice BJ. Missionary is the the first position used and then right into doggie. The scene finishes with Jay cumming on her ass. This is a nice scene to start things off. Pretty basic but hey, one of the character’s is practically at deaths door so you shouldn’t expect much. That being said I did like the energy between Anikka and Jay.

Scene 2: Cassidy Klein and Dick Chibbles

Next we meet Dani and Birdie (Stormy Daniels and Amber Rayne). Amber is in Indian garb and soon after we see Stormy come out in a dress because she is going into town to play in a poker tournament in order to save Birdie’s family ranch. While the tournament is going on we see Jay and Anikka talking and Jay surprises her with the deed to part of his ranch. Things are then getting intense at the tournament when one of the players accuses Stormy of cheating but things are interrupted when Lilah (Allie Haze) runs in and tells everyone that the sheriff Clayton (Steven St, Croix) is hurting Anikka. As it turns out, Jay dies shortly after giving the deed to her and now she is suspected of killing him. She is to be hung but before she dies she is saved by Stormy, Amber, Allie and a friend of Jay’s played by Eric Masterson. A shootout ensues as the end up getting away.

During the shootout the deputy Dale (Dick Chibbles) got grazed by a bullet. He goes to get it checked out and he and the nurse Alice (Cassidy Klein) end up kissing. Cassidy starts the action with a blowjob. When she is finished Dick sucks on her nipples for a bit and then starts on her pussy and clit. From there they move onto sex as Cassidy lies on her back for missionary. From there they go into doggie, after Dick licks her ass for a little bit, and then into spoons. They finish up with Dick pulling out and popping on her pussy. This is kind of a weird scene for me. While hot it feels a bit tacked on and unneeded compared to the others. Just like the previous scene I really enjoyed the energy here

Scene 3: Amber Rayne, Mia Li and Tommy Gunn

A posse formed by Steven and along with some others, a stranger rides up named Morgan (Brendon Miller), all join up. We join back up with the ladies and it turns out that Allie was shot as well. Amber wants to just ride off with Stormy in order to get to safety. Anikka agrees to sell the land she was given and to give them the map that came with it if Amber agrees to take them to get Allie some help. Reluctantly she agrees and they ride off again as the posse is shown following behind.

They go to an Indian tribe where their medicine woman can heal Allie. After a long chat Amber goes off with Mia Li and Tommy Gunn’s characters. Once inside the tee-pee they all immediately start making out and undressing. Mia and Amber take turns sucking Tommy off before Mia gets on her knees for doggie while she licks Amber. Next it’s Amber’s turn as she goes with missionary while eating out Mia. Mia then climbs on top of Tommy for reverse cowgirl while Amber continues to play with her. The final position is Amber’s and it is cowgirl. The scene finishes with Tommy stroking off and shooting his load on both of their faces. There is definitely a step up in intensity in this scene as both Amber and Mia seem to have a lot of fun and let loose a bit. A felt that the setup was a little sloppy but the end results are worth it.

Scene 4: Jodi Taylor and Eric Masterson

It’s the next day and Stormy comes up on Brendon resting under a tree. It turns out that the know each other and that there is a reward for her. After a short scuffle he ends up knocked out and she ties him up before leaving. Later on we see Eric at his ranch where he instructs his wife (Jodi Taylor) to get the marshal while he meets up with the others. She’s worried that something might happen and that leads to them kissing. As they kiss, Eric reaches under and starts fingering her for a bit. They both get undressed as Jodi licks his shaft a bit before hopping on the bed for missionary. Jodi climbs on top for cowgirl next and is then on all fours for doggie. Jodi finishes him off by sucking and stroking until he cums on her face. For those that don’t know who Jodi Taylor is, she is just adorable and looks right at home in this Western setting. Anyway, the scene is pretty hot as well, especially the end where she is playing with his cock until he finally pops.

Scene 5: Stormy Daniels and Ryan McClane

Stormy, Allie and Anikka are next seen swimming around in this pond while they wait for Eric and Amber to show up and the question of why a bounty hunter is after her and we are then treated to a flashback of what happened. Before we get to know more details though we switch to the bedroom where Stormy, who is a prostitute in Louisiana at the time, is shown stroking and sucking off Ryan. Stormy gets to lie back next for some nice pussy eating before getting into missionary. Stormy climbs on top next for some energetic cowgirl. The pair then goes back to a modified missionary next and Ryan finishes by painted Stormy’s ass with his cum. I don’t normally comment on the way a scene looks but in this case in needs mentioning. As I stated, this is a flashback, so the picture has this hazy look to it, as if looking through an on nickelodeon or something like that. I thought it was a pretty cool choice on Stormy’s part to do that. That all being said, the sex itself is also pretty hot. The cowgirl section is the best in my opinion because Stormy seems to respond well when she is in that position.

Scene 6: Allie Haze, Anikka Albrite and Stormy Daniels

To make a long story short, lets just say that Stormy was less than fair when it came to a poker game. Meanwhile, back in the present, she finishes her story for Allie and Anikka who soon after start to kiss. They invite Stormy to join them and she obliges. Next thing we know, Anikka is up on a rock while Allie eats her out while Stormy Fingers Allie as well. Allie then gets up on the rock as they both finger her while they kiss some more. Then it’s Stormy’s turn as Allie eats her out and Anikka plays with her breasts. All three ladies then get into the water as Allie goes back to eating out Anikka while Stormy plays with and kisses her. The scene ends when Brendon shows up and points a gin their way. I liked how all three ladies had a chance to play with each other here but I really wished the scene was a bit longer because it felt like there was a good bit left on the cutting room floor.

Scene 7: jessica drake and Steven St. Croix

Stormy cuts a deal with Brendon to let her finish what she started and he lets her go. Meanwhile, at Eric’s ranch, Steven stops Jodi before she can leave to get the marshal. They find what they are looking for and Steven let’s jessica know the good news. She is going to bolt of course but before that they decide to have a roll in the hay. The two start to kiss but it doesn’t take long for things to escalate and we have Steven licking her pussy. She then returns the favor with a blowjob before bending over a table in doggie. An energetic cowgirl is next and is then followed by some missionary on the table. She then drops to her knees to take his load on her face. There is a reason that these two are considered legends and this scene is one to point to to show why. The chemistry between them is great and the sultry and somewhat slimy setup make it all the better.

Scene 8: Chanel Preston and Brad Armstrong

We go back to our heroes and we find out that Brendon actually has a soft spot for Stormy and from the looks of things, he is going to help her finish what she started. Next we finally meet the marshal (Brad Armstrong) who is relaxing at home with a female companion played by Chanel Preston. She comes out with an open blouse and wearing his gun belt. It doesn’t take long for the action to start as Chanel gets her pussy fingered while they kiss. She then sucks him off a bit before hopping up in reverse cowgirl. Standing doggie is then the next position before Chanel lays down for some cunnilingus from Brad. This leads right into the next and final position, missionary. Brad then pulls out and drops his load on her waiting tongue. Just like the second scene, this scene feels a bit tacked on but I’m not complaining because I like to see Chanel perform. Obviously with them talking about the marshal throughout the movie, you know he’d have to show up eventually and if you are going to expect that you might as well expect a sex scene too. Brad and Chanel do work well together though and Chanel seemed to enjoy riding him in reverse cowgirl as well.

Scene 9: Mystery Scene

I won’t ruin the ending here so I won’t break down the final scene because saying who is in it will in fact ruin it in part. One note though, there is an Easter egg, for those that follow her, involving Stormy in the lead up to the climax of the movie.


As expected the bonus features on this two disc set are pretty good. First off there is six different BTS features covering different aspects of the movie, including extensive interviews with cast members. There is also the music video for the movies theme titled On the Run. I was hoping for some extended sex scenes from this movie but in the end we got three bonus sex scenes from other Wicked titles. First is Stormy Daniels and Brendon Miller from Pretty Dangerous. There is also a scene from Aftermath featuring jessica drake and Tyler Nixon and finally a scene from Love, Lust & Longing with Allie Haze and Jake Jace.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

First off, I love that this movie was made in collaboration with Adam & Eve. It has been some time since two major adult studios collaborated on a movie. Hopefully we see more of these in the future. I would also point out that they did a tremendous job hiding tattoos that multiple performers in this film have, Stormy Daniels in particular. I will say that I was highly anticipating this release for multiple reasons. The first I already mentioned but the others include the fact that this was a passion project for Stormy and then I love Westerns. The world doesn’t get a lot of Westerns nowadays and hardly ever in porn so you can imagine my excitement. Besides wanting to see Allie and Amber in at least one other scene I couldn’t be happier with the sex scenes here or the story. This is a definite must see for feature, Western or any fans of the performers in the movie. I expect this to get a lot of love at awards time and I give it a 5 out of 5.