The Wicked Essential Care line has been around for a few years now and this year they decided to come out with a winter themed flavored lube: Peppermint Cocoa. So lets just get right into it and see what the latest from Wicked Essential Care is all about.


The Wicked Sensual Care line of lubes come in stylish black pump and is two liquid ounces.


First off there is nothing I like more than a warm cup of cocoa when the weather turns frosty and they nailed the smell of that delightful treat perfectly. Now the wife and I don’t typically use lube except when using toys on each other but considering this is flavored lube we figured we’d give it a shot during some oral and finger play.

After a bit of effort to get the plastic cover off the pump we started with some mutual masturbation. As I stated above we don’t use lube all that often so we were surprised that it dried up rather quickly in our opinion but the smell and taste remained . Seeing that the lube is water based this makes sense in hindsight.

From there we tried it in oral and I have to say that oral is really what this should be used for. Because the fragrance and taste remains after the lube dries out you get to enjoy the flavor for the entire time you are engaging in oral play. You also don’t get a nasty after taste that I hear many lubes have so that is a big plus.


Tasty – Seeing that the flavor is part of the appeal for this particular line of lubes this definitely a plus

Quick drying – Again I’m not big on lube so I don’t know if people prefer this or not but for our purposes it was a big plus.

Stylish packaging – There is just something about the sleek design of the bottle that appeals to me. I love the fact that you can have this sitting out and it isn’t obvious what it is.


Amount – 2 ounces isn’t much but considering that purpose seems to be to get the flavor applied to you don’t need much. We still have a lot of the bottle left as well so I will have to keep track to see how long it lasts.

Final Thoughts and Rating:

After this experience we will definitely be using this line more often. There are plenty of other flavors so there are many more opprotunities and possible combinations to try as well. Hopefully the others flavors are as much fun as this one was and as tasty. I will also say that this would be the perfect stocking stuffer for you couples out there looking to have a bit of extra fun and at around $10 it won’t break the bank. I do know however that not everyone will like this flavor but for me I will give the Peppermint Cocoa from Wicked Sensual Care a 4 out of 5.