Coma Ruga, SpainAfter two years of hiatus, Sabrina Deep announced today the reprise of her World Bukkake Tour in 2019, with a special message for her American fans.

“Dear Americans, it’s been a while since we last met to engage in the most natural, and yet ununderstandibly feared human activity which is sex. Last time it was before a pretty sexually active billionaire became your President by promising to make your wonderful country great again. I must confess that I didn’t find anything particularly wrong with the way things were working in the land of freedom, at the time, except for an excess of political correctness and for an inexplicable generalized fear of sex. Two years later, I have the feeling that little has changed: your government is still struggling to make the Mexicans pay for the wall, wording seems to be more important than ever, and sex is still the main weapon, together with Russia, utilized to end prominent, public figures’ career. I read frustration in your eyes, and a frustrated man causes women’s frustration as well, you know. That’s why I have decided to pay you one more visit, and although I can’t promise to positively affect your country’s greatness, I can guarantee you that I will make you big again. With set dates in New York, New Haven, Arizona and other locations to be added in the next few weeks, I’m determined to bring back that physical joy that you are missing since too long in your lives. And if you are an expat in Mexico, no worries: I’ll make you too big again. On November you are invited to join me in Mexicali, Mexico where I will bring US and Mexican citizens together for the first ever interAmerican gang bang party; peeps from nearby Calexico are also encouraged to cross the wall and join us, of course. Now, go and get ready, already: I want you all in great shape and that’s why the official hashtag of the World Bukkake Tour 2019 is going to be #TrainYourGenitals.”

Sabrina’s World Bukkake Tour takes off on February 17th 2019 from Tarragona, Spain and it will touch tens of location throughout three continents, with the North American leg starting in New York City next summer. All the parties will be free to attend thanks to the logistics support provided by the main sponsor of the tour which is the soon to be relaunched adult social clip site, of which Sabrina is testimonial and Public Relations Manager.

“I would like to thank the guys at BeSinful for supporting my tour. We have worked really hard together these last few months to get ready for the imminent relaunch of, and their commitment to sustain one of my iconic personal ventures like the World Bukkake Tour truly honors me,” said Sabrina.

All the World Bukkake Tour 2019 parties are free to attend and open to candidates of any Nationality and cultural heritage, with the only pre-requisite being to have a certified spotless health record and to be willing to go through one final health check in the very proximity of the party in question. Interested candidates can submit their participation request at the tour’s official website

Press and media interested in interviewing Sabrina Deep or in being kept up to date with the happenings of the World Bukkake Tour 2019 are encouraged to contact her at


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