So now it’s December 2017 and the last time I wrote this blog was back in March. And you’re probably wondering what the heck happened.

The short answer is I quit the business, because I was uncertain about my future. And, frankly, a little bit bored. I wasn’t sure if I had any longevity, and to pass the time I carried on with school while trying to pursue other sexual activities.

The main one was working in a nightclub, where I had to pour drinks and entertain customers while they did some KTV-style warbling (that’s “karaoke,” which is pretty big here in Asia) and took their time choosing girls they could go home with. My rate was pretty high, though, $450 (my escort rate), but many patrons preferred Filipina girls who go for $200.

I thought, I’m only five feet two inches and I thought I looked fine, but most of these guys were drunk and I found them obnoxious. I wondered why the hell I would choose to do this, instead of going straight to a hotel with a client like I used to. One guy paid so he could grope another girl, with us watching! The clients generally felt more entitled than if they were with us just escorting, and are far more snobbish. I had very few customers before I quit — after two months.

So, in October, I decided to dive back in again. I have an agent now, and while he doesn’t know I already have some clients from before, who were willing to get back with me, I am using him to get onto his network so I can leave eventually. Most girls who do this stay for three or four months, so that’s par for the course anyway, and while this agent has priced me quite high (about $700, of which I keep 60 percent), there’s now enough work for me to keep me afloat.

The thing, though, is when you’re also independent, it’s about business and it comes down to marketing. This hit me in the face when I was a no-show for a client, who expected me to appear on a Friday when I thought his appointment was on Monday. Oh, my goodness, thanks to my honesty I came clean and confessed my confusion and he gave me a second chance, and it was back to the grind of scheduling appointments and I’d forgotten what that was like.

The other thing was that that I am not clitorially orgasmic but vaginally so, and I wondered for a long time what I was doing with a clit anyway — it just never did much for me — but also, more importantly, after I had first had anal sex, I found it a highly charged situation which aroused me immensely. Forget the vagina, I just knew it was totally for me!

I started when I was 16 and I then had more anal sex than vaginal sex. But as I’ve entered my 20s, I’ve had more vaginal sex than anal sex. (Fun fact: I literally lived a year on simply anal sex!) Vaginal sex is fine but relatively boring, to be honest, and I have to thank a British man for introducing me in the first place.

I was actually the one who initiated it because I was more curious about anal sex, and the British guy was boring in bed and he was tiny for a Caucasian man. I guess that was when I first learned to tolerate obnoxious men like him – he thinks he’s such a chivalrous and attractive gent, when he’s really just a big jerk.

I did not charge him because, back at that time, he was my fuck buddy but from that experience it made me realize that the fetish and the experience of having anal sex with a sweet young thing is profitable, so I started monetizing these extra services that local girls rarely provide.

It reminds me of something a fellow escort friend once said, about the image that best suits me — “Lady in the streets, freak under the sheets.” That sounds about right to me, and I’m awaiting my next anal partner!