Some people wonder how I prepare for work. In recent times we’re all so drowned by social media but I realize that I do need a double life. Sometimes, when I book in the evenings, I just don’t feel like it and I’m just not in the mood so yes, we do have our own rituals. Now that I’m more of a regular escort (rather than just a part-time student), everything has become routine but I do play sexy music when I’m doing my make-up. Like “Toxic” by Britney Spears and the recent hit song “Havana” by Camila Cabello, basically sensual music and the kind that empowers women, to set myself in the mood.

That’s useful for the times when you just don’t feel sexy or you don’t feel pretty even, and it’s really important that things like sensuality and intimacy have a role to play — so that it becomes important to feel good so that your clients feel good. (If you don’t feel good, how do you make a client feel good, you know?) You have to do things to get yourself in the mood, and when I’m not happy I’ll sometimes watch funny videos and that’s my ritual, music and audiovisual stuff.

One thing for sure, though — the game has changed. Someone asked me how come I like more oral than anal now – you may recall how I liked anal in my last column – and my answer is I like giving pleasure and I am more of a giver than a receiver, so I get my pleasure from giving pleasure. I like oral now and I find it fascinating and, because I like it, my skills have improved.

When I first started, I found oral to be a chore and I never liked oral until recently. What has changed is how I feel about it. I find it a sensual act. Many girls don’t like oral and we don’t have positive influences, but I find it very, very sensual. Putting it frankly, it’s the most intimate thing you can do to someone, you know, having my face buried in their crotch — how more sensual and intimate can you get, really?!!

And while anal was just something I tried, if I have to rank it now it would be oral, anal and vaginal. Oral just satisfies a different part of me and there must be reasons why guys like oral. My favorite client is amazing in that I find it surprising that he is unashamed to come during oral — some guys don’t like to do that and they just hold off, while my guy just loves it! (His precum is also neutral, which is my preference – it depends on what they’ve eaten and some guys taste weird.)

This is all easier said than done, of course. There’s a girl who gave an interview recently about her life and when I read it, all I thought of was how self-absorbed she is. She made it sound like an easy job with easy money and, while it’s an open secret what we do, I felt she should’ve been kinder with her words. You can’t just take the money to buy branded stuff and just luxuriate in it because everyone is only young once. After you turn 30, things can get very different. She should pass on wisdom to her younger counterparts and it’s not good for her branding to sound so know-it-all.

She also refuses to give references about clients — because some clients can be nasty like not wanting to use condoms — and we keep a list of these clients so we can use to inform other colleagues, so they can know which guys are bad. She refuses to do that and so she doesn’t make it a safe place for work. The bottom line is she’s threatened by competition — there are “these younger escorts so I’m not going to share and give them anything” — and I really don’t like that attitude. There’s going to be competition and I have heard of girls fighting because a client drives an Audi so “they belong to me,” that kind of thing, and it kind of makes you sick. They just haven’t been able to see the big picture.

My agency bosses tell me I’m earning a lot — more than people with part-time jobs — but it’s important to try to save. I find many independent escorts don’t talk about that. They don’t talk about personal finance and about how you can hustle once but you don’t get a second chance because you’re going to lose one year of your youth. Things like this are important, from one escort to another.

And all that says to me is I’m going to keep on doing this, holding on to those lovable joysticks — even after I get married. After all, whoever is going to do that will have to understand me, or risk not knowing ever, and I already know which one I’d choose.