So here is a story about late-night work; sort of, since you know by now how strange “funny” can be to me.

I got a call from my agent to ask about taking a job, at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m., and it was the first time I ever got to work so late. I was with my friend at the time (who doesn’t know what else I do, if you get my drift) and he called me twice. He said, “I think you might want to do this job after your work,” and I went, “Shit!” But I really couldn’t go, I was with my friend and I couldn’t dump her half way, so I declined.

But a short time later, it happened again. And this time I decided to go. It was with another girl, meaning a threesome, but it dragged — from 2 am to 3 am to 4 am! We were at this hotel lobby and nearly fell asleep. Finally, the client arrived at this hotel – at 4.30 am! And the worst part of that appointment was that he was so drunk that he gave us the wrong amount of money. It was much less than we expected. I took the money and I counted it twice in front of her. She was the one who was supposed to collect the money but I thought she was tired — she was blurry and didn’t say anything – and the agent confirmed with us later that it was the wrong amount of money.

He also told us that this client was a regular client but didn’t respond to his calls, so we split the money to compensate for the loss. I thought this client would be reliable since he had been with the agency so it was unfair that we had to suffer the agent’s cut, or at least that’s how it was assumed — because, to be honest, I took it with a grain of salt.

Firstly, I don’t know how true it was that he didn’t respond, for it could be that the agency took the money that was owed us! And secondly, was she really disoriented or was that my imagination? She was Vietnamese and he was an Indian. I’d never had him before, so I don’t know, and I’ve never had him again.

I remembered two things very well, though. Firstly, I counted the money twice in front of the girl. I always remember that agents are relying on you to check that what you’re doing is correct. (The agency was understanding and said we were both tired, and thankfully the cut wasn’t very big.) And secondly, it’s just terrible getting up at that time — I had to set the alarm and check constantly with the agent, and I eventually got some sleep (but not quality sleep, obviously).

And what this illustrates is how I don’t want this to be a full-time career!

I’m so thankful that I have my school to fall back on, since it can be a little crazy and not everyone can work at that time of the morning. You need some kind of “insurance,” so they don’t do this kind of last-minute stuff with me. It’s a way of life of an agency that I haven’t really experienced full-on – they often call you and expect you to be there in 30 minutes. It’s very last-minute – like when you’re at home, lying in bed, and you get a call asking you to be at work. You need at least an hour to get ready! Also, they don’t know that I have private clients on the side – they don’t probe into that – but it wouldn’t be great if our timings clash!

One thing I realize about myself is this — I find dating a waste of time. If you’re not going to give me a future, why am I investing my time and effort in you? Time is a commodity and people think I’m still young but things are changing. I’m just working on myself now primarily, and my main objective is about earning money. I want to enjoy myself without thinking about money, and I know how hard it is to earn that money.

Escorting makes me feel like, at this point, I would rather be on my own. I can see what kind of life I will eventually want and I feel like it’s a balancing act. I’m not wholly mercenary (meaning not all my relationships have to do with money), but I don’t want to be like my girlfriend Thea, who says she’s got a rich husband and she can therefore “work as a PA for fuck.” Really now, who cares about “career progression,” then?

I don’t want to get to that point, where I feel too rich and I am doing this because I’m bored. I want to claim some significance over what I do, for I do know of girls who are not doing sex work but they will marry men for money. It will definitely change you, whether you like it or not. And you’re not always welcome to exercise the option, for one step forward can indeed be two steps back.