Sex Expert Tami Rose Explores Society’s Fascination with FEET

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(Los Angeles, CA ) — Tami Rose, a popular sex expert and owner/proprietor of Romantic Adventures adult boutique in Jackson, Mississippi, is putting her best foot forward with theories about why foot fetishes are so popular right now.

“Everyone on TikTok appears to be obsessed with feet, which begs the question… why?” says Rose about the online trend that is bringing sole mates together from around the world. “As a student of human nature that is certified in Reflexology and Lymphatic Massage – I have a few theories about the subject.”

Freud:  Penis Envy – “In the early days of psychoanalysis, Freud blew the doors open to the fact that sexual desire drives a large portion of human behavior, and that foot fetishes are a result of penis envy. I personally think the human expression of pleasure and sexuality is a little more complicated than that, but no one studies my theories in Psych class.”
The Architecture of The Brain – “There is another complicated theory that sensation memory is stored close together in the brain, and the feet are full of trigger points, nerves and architecture that are giving you feedback and sensation all day long as you move around. I think it is an oversimplification of the experience of pleasure and how we access it in our brains and our bodies.”
Dick Pic Fatigue – “Social media and electronic communications are evolving, and many people are having less sex because of economic and societal pressures, and when one thing is denied, cravings come out in different ways. Many people are finding themselves frustrated in other ways, so visual fetishes feel like a safe alternative. Or perhaps women have finally communicated that a picture of your junk is not going to close the deal, so now we have moved on to a different body part to try the same strategy.”
Saturn moves into Pieces – “There is a really interesting Astrological movement happening by the planet Saturn.  On March 7, Saturn moved from Aquarius, the sign of society and revolution, into watery Pisces, which rules the Feet and the Lymphatic system.”
Rose says that any or all of these theories may be true to varying degrees for different people, but “it is interesting to see how the overall trends align with the larger patterns in astrology.  For me it makes as much sense as anything else.”

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