Los Angeles – A survey of leading adult stars who host programs on Vivid Radio shows a distinct aversion to the thought of a sexual relationship with Donald Trump. Operated by leading adult company Vivid Entertainment, Vivid Radio is the world’s most listened to adult radio network and is heard at www.VividRadio.com and on the SiriusXM app Channel 791.

Not a single respondent in a poll of the 17 hosts said she wanted to have a sexual encounter with the presidential candidate. Dominatrix Aiden Starr’s response was accompanied by this comment: “Ewwww! Are women attracted to him?”

Though all of the hosts said that he was running for president to promote the Trump brand, four of the women also said he was quite serious about wanting to be president. Just one of the respondents, Mary Carey, said she would vote for him if he is nominated.

The hosts were evenly divided on the question of whether he would be a good lover “or are women attracted to him because he’s rich?” “I don’t think those are mutually exclusive. You can be rich and a good lover,” said Annie Cruz, host of “The Dirtiest Girl in the World” show. Legendary performer Christy Canyon added, “I never met him but if he’s a good lover it is probably BECAUSE he’s rich.”

All of the ladies indicated they would “make Trump fix his toupee or comb-over before sex.” Tanya Tate noted, “That’s a wig? Bloody hell, I didn’t know. I just thought he was wearing a Chewbacca hat all this time.” Nicki Hunter said, “I think if you got yourself in that kind of position with a guy like Trump, he would most likely want to be the one giving orders.” Brandy Aniston had another request: “I’d make him tattoo my face on his butt.”