(Melbourne, Australia) Sexpo® is literally taking the world by storm. First Australia, then South Africa and London. Now, their next planned takeover is the United States, and they want you to help decide where it will be held, as part of their pre-launch campaign.

This week, Sexpo® announced their US pre-launch campaign that includes a contest to win a trip to the first US Sexpo®. To enter the contest, you need to take the survey and give your gender, age, zip code and whether you would come solo, with a partner or a group of friends. If the event is held outside of the winner’s home state, they will receive two VIP Sexpo® gift bags and two Free VIP tickets to the first health, sexuality and lifestyle expo in the US, including airfare (from within the US) and hotel accommodation for two people. If the expo is held in the winner’s home state, they will win two VIP Sexpo® gift bags and two Free VIP tickets to the consumer event, plus $1,000 spending money. The contest is open now through September 30th. Visit www.Sexpo.com to have your say, or to do some online shopping.

David Ross, Australia’s Founding Event Organizer has taken on the challenge to expand in the US. “I consider now the ideal time to penetrate the American market, and as a result, I have acquired the rights to run Sexpo® events in the US, from our Australian parent company. We believe the Aussie flavor of the event will be well received in the US.”

“There are various adult type exhibitions around the world, including a few held in various states of the US; but none use the combination of entertainment and education in the way Sexpo® does, this combination has successfully won support from media and public alike,” continues Ross. “This focus ensures our attendance numbers are far better than any competing event, as we have not alienated females which comprise 50% of the population. Our best attendance for a show is 68k with 35k being our average over four days, making us the busiest stand-alone adult show in the world.”

Sexpo® is the world’s largest and longest running health, sexuality and (adult) lifestyle exhibition that has operated out of six states in Australia since 1996, has run under a licensee in South Africa since 2007, and had their first London event in 2015.

David Ross will be in the US at the end of September to make further announcements. All business inquiries about Sexpo® should be sent to him at info@Sexpo.com.