Amsterdam, NL – Shwing Studios and Your Choice Productions are pleased to announce a collaboration that will bring scenes directed by international adult star Terri Summers to DVD beginning in early spring of 2012.

Product Manager, Jacco Kwakkel, said the decision to join forces with Summers’ Shwing label was an easy decision.

“This isn’t the kind of thing we had to think too hard about. Terri is a superb business woman. She’s a natural marketer and as result, well known throughout both Europe and North America. She puts an honest passion into her work and it shows.”

According to Kwakkel, the two companies are also a highly compatible match in today’s international marketplace.

“Shwing has historically concentrated their efforts in the digital realm through their various websites. We have created and delivered hard media to consumers and retailers in the form of VHS and DVD for 25 years now. Terri and Shwing have an outstanding presence on mainland Europe while we are the most established retailer catering to the U.K. Our working together only makes sense.”

For Shwing, cooperation with Your Choice allowed them to breathe easy while venturing into new territory.

“We’ve never produced a DVD ourselves, and it was comforting to know we had partners with a long history in this area,” Summers tells us.

“They not only shared their knowledge and experience with us, they also took time to understand our vision and style. The result will be products we can all be proud of.”

The first DVD offering from the partnership entitled Teasers will be made available to consumers and wholesale customers in late March and will feature established stars and up-and comers from both the U.K. and Europe.