Shy Love-Mark Schechter Defamation Case Settled


Los Angeles — On Thursday, David Beitchman, attorney for Shy Love, and Karen Tynan, attorney for Mark Schechter, announced a settlement of the defamation case between Love and Schechter, which began in 2014. The case had been scheduled to begin trial on Monday June 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court, Department 72.

Beitchman said, “We’ve reached an amicable settlement that provides for all parties to move forward and focus on business at hand and future business endeavors as opposed to revisiting the past. Shy Love and I are pleased with the resolution.” Beitchman is a local Los Angeles attorney specializing in business litigation and business related matters.

The case involved a single claim for defamation that originally included Barrett Blade as a defendant. Cross-complaints against Shy Love’s husband were dismissed by the judge last year. Mark Schechter purchased ATMLA from Roy Liberboim in 2012 and continues to operate the agency.

Karen Tynan explained, “Resolutions that take the risk out of litigation and allow the parties to settle their differences are effective and sometimes preferred over the risk of litigation and the costs of trial. I know Mark wants to focus on ATMLA and his talent roster. We’re also happy with the end of the case. Mark will have no further comments and wishes Shy Love all the best.”

Led and operated by Shy Love, The VIP Connect is a licensed and bonded agency serving the adult industry. In addition to talent agency services, The VIP Connect provides website development and online brand building expertise. Besides the adult production center of Los Angeles, The VIP Connect also has locations and agents in Las Vegas, Miami and selected cities in Europe.