(Chicago, IL) SideDaddy is making a big splash with their new affiliate program, offering 5% payout on all sales, for life.

Referring a friend will really pay off. Every sale a model or studio makes that you refer, means profit in your pocket, without restrictions or limitations. This includes picture sets, videos, subscriptions, custom content, and tribute sales.

“We decided to launch our affiliate program only a few months after our initial launch,” says owner Sam Saturn. “We wanted to ensure everyone had an opportunity to profit and not delay the launch until after we had a lot of models and studios signed-up.”

The launch allows affiliate program members to enjoy the best of both worlds by capitalizing on their referrals, while also helping others take advantage of the sidedaddy.com selling platform and the myriad of tools the platform offers.

SideDaddy continues to see rapid adoption of their platform since their launch earlier this year. The platform is quickly gaining a reputation for being a valuable tool for models and studios to sell their valuable content.

For more information on the affiliate program, head over to the https://sidedaddy.com/blog/affiliate-program-earn-5-percent-lifetime. If you’re not a model or studio and want to be part of the affiliate program, contact them through their https://sidedaddy.com/static/contact_us page.