Venice, CA – Sienna Sinclaire touched off a craze last month with her Masturbating March, beating her goal to raising $1,000 for charity through the art of self-satisfaction in a public format. With the help of adult novelty business the Screaming O, Sienna was able to hit the mark to help out her favorite charity, Not For Sale.

Now fans can put their hand to another kind of work for a few minutes, typing their way to Sienna’s sex toy store for April Showers. This month she’s taking a look at sex in the shower, featuring different sex toys that work with the water, with this week’s focus being silicone-based lubricants that help one stay wet in the shower or bath, and she’s not talking about the running water.

For fans who were getting off on the stories post on last month (and judged by Sienna, with the winners receiving prizes from Screaming O), they can continue logging on for sexy tales.

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