Venice, CA – It’s Sexual Awareness Month and Sienna Sinclaire is all about sexual awareness. That’s why she is dedicating this year to helping people get sexually fit.

She says it’s a matter of doing little things for yourself, from kegels for stronger, more intense orgasms to yoga for improving shape and flexibility—and that’s just the beginning. For more tips visit her new sex shop at and click on the Sexual Wellness Month banner.

One of the industry’s most articulate spokespeople, as well as a director, model, webmistress and author of The Naughty Girl’s Guide to Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that Sienna has taken a stand on the Los Angeles ordinance which passed 9 to 1 this week that would mandate condom use in adult productions in Los Angeles.

“There’s absolutely NO safe sex when having sex as there are many things you can catch even if you wear a condom,” she writes. “I consider the porn industry to be a lot safer than dating as we get tested every 30 days. How many people out there having sex and not in the porn industry have their partners get tested or even wear condoms? I personally have everyone I date get tested but even then you can’t be 100% safe as they could cheat on you or have something such as warts or herpes that doesn’t even show up on tests.”

Sienna naturally falls on the side of individual rights and less government intervention when it comes to couples having sex, whether it be in front of the camera or between any consenting adults.

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