Tucson, AZ – “Skinny Bones Productions is Kickstarting a fabulously funny mini-series about the adventures of two hostage negotiators,” a post on Joby’s Facebook page announced to their fans this week.

Joby, the maker of the popular GorillaPod, a line of flexible tripods for cameras and smartphones, found their way to the BLAMBLAMBLAM, ClickClickClick Kickstarter by way of a Skinny Bones produced video. The video introduced new pledge reward levels to the BBBCCC Kickstarter, one being a BBBCCC temporary tattoo (or temporary tramp stamp, depending on proximity to the lower back), and the other pledge reward gives the chance for a company to have their product featured in an episode of the web series. Joby’s GorillaMobile was used in a tongue-in-cheek example of the latter pledge reward.

Rather than getting a cease and desist from Joby, their response was an excited Facebook comment to the video, “Awesome! We were laughing out loud! We’ve shared your projects with our fans!” They did so by way of an equally excited Facebook post and Tweet.

Joby’s energetic praise of the BBBCCC Kickstarter has been one of many endorsements in the short span of the campaign. Late last week, the BBBCCC Kickstarter was pulled from the masses of other series seeking funding to become a “Web Series Staff Pick” on the Kickstarter site.

The BBBCCC Kickstarter has been finding fans attracted to it by Skinny Bones Productions’ brand of off-beat humor, brought to life by a cast and crew who turn out high-quality work in the middle of a blink of an eye (between the left eye starting to open, and the right not quite fully closed).

Find out more about the campaign by visiting the project’s page at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/701650549/blamblamblam-clickclickclick-the-series?ref=category