Los Angeles, CA — Adult industry job site, Skyn Talent is changing the game by now offering the adult entertainment community a place to look for work or offer work without using an agent or middle-man.

“Our goal with SkynTalent.com is to create an environment where adult performers can connect with employers and top agencies in the business,” says Marketing Officer, Gregg Dodson. “We are providing a tool that allows current independent and self-booking talent to get more exposure than using only social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram that are censoring sex workers as a whole, we want to raise the bar and Skyntalent.com is ready to adapt to the ever changing climate that our industry has become.”

Self-booking talent is a growing trend with today’s adult industry performers however with the shadow banning on many social media accounts its often difficult to get the word out about travel alerts, location and availability as well as detailed introduction to new directors and production companies. Skyn Talent provides the tools needed to the modern-day sex worker to promote themselves on a non-judgmental platform and get the word out in a safe online marketing environment.

“We are working on some promotional things as well and over the next few days I will be reaching out to APAC and FSC to see what we can do together” says Dodson. “We have partnered with AIT-Labs.com and they have agreed to give a $10 discount coupon on testing for the first 200 performers that sign up. Skyn Talent is really working hard to create a creative and nice tool for the adult industry community.”

Inquiries about the services offered at Skyntalent.com can be sent to info@Skyntalent.com

You may follow Skyn Talent on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/SkyTalent and on Instagram www.Instagram.com/SkynTalent


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