Somegore Debuts with FREE All-Star Short Directed by Ricky Greenwood

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(Budapest, Hungary) If you love B-movies, gore, zombies, and other things that go bump on the night with an adult twist, you’ll enjoy Somegore Brilliant minds Romero (creator and director of Hentaied, Parasited, and Futanari) and one of the most awarded directors of our time, Ricky Greenwood, came together to make this project a reality. Somegore launched a few days ago, and the members can’t get enough of the free new short featured on the site.
Somegore is all about the bloodiest, goriest, and most fucked up short movies. Directed by Ricky Greenwood, the first short, “Raining Blood,” starring Ana Foxxx and Tommy Pistol, has debuted in two parts. Right now, fans can sign up for free, watch both parts, and show their support by donating to the project in cryptocurrency.
“Raining Blood” opens with married couple Ana and Tommy enjoying a beautiful night under the stars after catching a movie. While reminiscing about horror movies, date nights, and their college days, they spot a woman injured in the bushes in the park. Ana is a detective who uses her phone to call for an ambulance when she’s alerted that they’re in a zombie apocalypse. The two try to devise a plan to save themselves when a zombie attacks Ana. Tommy takes him down with a weed whacker, getting blood all over them. Zombies surround them. Ana hides under the gardener’s truck while Tommy takes on the zombies. After killing the whole lot, he grabs the gardener’s car keys and finds his wife is a naked zombie. Part 2 is even bloodier and sexier.
“Both Ricky and I grew up on B-movies and horror films. This is our homage to those classic films with an adult twist. Ana and Tommy were the perfect casting choice to be caught in a zombie apocalypse, and the way Tommy laughs after killing the zombies with a weed whacker is so classic B-movie. Although the first short is incredible, we have a lot more in store for our members,” says Creator/Producer Romero Mr. Alien.
Both parts of “Raining Blood” run about 10 minutes each and can be watched for free on the Somegore site Part 1 is also available on the Hentaied YouTube Channel

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