Sparks Entertainment Releases Highly-Anticipated Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman Scene

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(Hollywood, CA) Sparks Entertainment continues to be one of the most talked-about cosplay sites. Last week, they released a teaser for “Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman” with few details but lots of anticipation. The scene is available today, and director Harry Sparks has pulled out all the stops with this one.  

Sparks Entertainment’s “Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman” is now available exclusively to site members of Megastars Alex Coal (Wonder Woman) and Val Dodds (Supergirl) thrill with their performances and chemistry. Written and directed by Harry Sparks, “Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman” has an intricate plot with two superheroines that you’ve fantasized about all your life. Supergirl is infected with a deadly green kryptonite—her mind is corrupt, and she’s destroyed half the city. It’s her nemesis Wonder Woman to the rescue, who must stop her and save the planet before it’s too late. With incredible special effects created by Sparks, the fight scene between Wonder Woman and Supergirl is epic.  

“Will Wonder Woman stop Supergirl before it’s too late? You’ll have to watch to find out! Their relationship is complicated but one of the strongest superhero bonds. Alex and Val were amazing in their roles, and went above and beyond—their acting and on-screen sex performances should definitely earn them some major nominations this upcoming awards season. So, get ready for the superhero showdown of the year!” says Harry Sparks.  

As a bonus, Sparks Entertainment has posted a BTS of “Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman” on their YouTube Channel Check it out and make sure to subscribe, so you’ll be the first to know about upcoming scenes, exclusive content, and other surprises.  

Also, this weekend posters of Alex as Wonder Woman and Val Dodds as Supergirl will be available on their website. All the prints and posters available are now 5% off. Go to for more details.   And join their Fan Club (aka OnlyFans) for even more exclusive content including NSFW trailers, BTS, on-set interviews and much more at

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