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Speaking with Cindy Busty BBW, the bodacious “biggest escort boobies In the UK” one can’t help but come away bouncing with the lady’s enthusiasm. Nominated for her first-ever AVN award and attempting what she hopes will be quite the public measurement of her endowments, here is a lady who uses her talents surely for the betterment of us all.

You call yourself one of the ‘biggest escort boobies in the UK’ have you measured? Is this true? How big are ‘the girls?

I don’t call me the biggest because I know I am not. But most of my customers tell me that I am one of the biggest. Even boobpedia mentions me as one of biggest (see here:
My exact measurements I don’t know but I put my babies in a K Cup bra which is sometimes to small.

Other than having men drool over them  (and doing whatever else you allow) would you say that you have a specialty?
I guess I am quite open to a lot of sexual and kinky stuff. I am open-minded and I like to try out anything. I also like it rougher in gang bangs or like to be a sub in BDSM.

How long have you been at this kind of work?
I’ve done it for nearly fifteen years, sometimes nearly full-time, sometimes not.

Have you seen any big changes come to escorting over the past few years?

COVID changed a lot of it, and it was difficult to restart. But also, people often prefer the online possibilities instead of visiting a working girl. Another thing is that some men try to get discounts for everything these days.

What don’t we know about the good and the bad of having a more-than-ample chest?
The good thing it’s often a door opener in the adult industry. I know my boobs are kind of unique with their natural size. The bad side is, trying to find bras that fit.

When did your breasts start blossoming and was it hard at first to accept being so big-boobed?
I was an early developer and had my first bra at about twelve. I can’t remember which size it was. I was often also bigger than older girls or bigger than many mums of my friends. Sometimes I felt like a freak.

We have read where you are planning a ‘public measuring’ in the near future. Does this as much play to an exhibitionist streak in you as a submissive one?
I wish to give everyone the chance to see them live, to touch them, to feel them, and measure and weigh them out. I am also open to wearing too small bra’s from the visitor’s girlfriends or to be compared with the size of a cow udder. It’s is a mix between exhibitionism and fetish.

And when playing as sub, can you tell us what kinks or specifically where you come down in your encounters.

I like to be used, and I also like to have my breasts tortured. They are used to hard work. But it depends on my mood.

Let’s talk about your AVN nomination, this was your first one, right?
Yes, my first fan award nomination.

And what exactly were you nominated for (award and film)?

I got nominated as “Best BBW Star 2024.”

Is it true that it doesn’t matter if you win it’s just an honor to be nominated?
I was very overwhelmed to get nominated. I never expected to win because I don’t see me as a star. But it made me proud.

Do you have more film work coming soon?
I am not sure. I am more the working girl/escort, so I’m not sure if I’ll be doing much filming in the future.

Is there any breast-related fetish or anything in general you haven’t yet  tried but that’s on your mind to do?
I have done nearly everything. But as I said, being compared with cow udders or this public measuring are two things I want to do. Also, another idea would be to get involved in some girl fights.

What’s coming for you in the immediate future?

I’m planning a UK and Europe tour to some establishments, that will hopefully include some gang bangs.

And where can people find you?

My X profile is the platform I use to communicate, I am CindyBustyBBW 

and here is my AVN profile:

CindyBustyBBW | AVN



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