Philadelphia, PA — The eternal holiday question: what does one get for the woman or man who seems to have it all? When searching for the perfect gift for a partner, the ante is most definitely upped: chain-restaurant gift cards won’t cut it, jewelry might not be in the budget and, unless “repurposed” hot wax is someone’s thing, candles should probably be relegated to the office Pollyanna. But what about a gift that literally keeps on giving – something that’s not only a thrill to receive, but will blow their mind time and time again? Here’s a hint: the answer isn’t wool socks.

With couples’ toys from Cupid’s Box, clients will find gift ideas that benefit both the giver and receiver. With the We-Vibe ®4-Plus, app-controlled vibrator, couples can download the app and connect from across the bedroom or the country, providing an opportunity to make office parties and gift return lines a lot more thrilling. Cupid’s Box also offers gift givers remote-controlled vibes in several price points, as well as vibrating cock rings by LELO and OVO, so the selection is vast.

Still having trouble finding the perfect gift? Santa isn’t the only one who can decide who’s been naughty or nice. Shoppers can use the company’s helpful crowd-sourced reviews and unique, detailed descriptions to help them make a decision.

Cupid’s Box offers discreet packaging that does more than disguise private purchases from nosy neighbors; it also helps purchasers ensure that their partner won’t get their surprise ruined either. To learn more, or to start shopping for the perfect presents to place under an tree, visit