Stephanie Matto’s Fan Platform Unfiltrd Announces Partnership with Déjà Vu®

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(Los Angeles, CA) — Unfiltrd, the innovative content platform and creator marketplace from reality TV star, model and media personality Stephanie Matto, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Déjà Vu® to integrate its fan subscription services with the live entertainment brand to boost loyalty and engagement, as well as create a truly personalized experience for customers.
The globally recognized adult nightclub brand and performance venue, alongside Social Reach International, has officially purchased a 40% stake in the 90-Day Fiancé alum’s two-year-old adult subscription service with the goal of positioning itself as a crossover between a virtual event space and a fan subscription platform, capable of competing with established sites like OnlyFans, while also providing supplemental income opportunities for creators seeking to diversify their revenue streams.

“I am so pleased to introduce this new collaboration with Déjà Vu®,’ said Matto. “With this new partnership, Unfiltrd and Déjà Vu® are able to leverage their respective strengths to offer a cutting-edge fan subscription platform tailored to the needs of the nightlife industry while also driving brand and creator loyalty and engagement to unprecedented levels.

“Unfiltrd has grown into a safe space for creators who want to feel free in expressing themselves, be a part of a supportive community, and most importantly, a platform that offers familiar features, as well as new ones, such as digital and physical auctions, pay-per-minute voice/video calls and private ticketed events, that they can rely on to make money.”
Now the time for Unfiltrd to truly become a powerhouse platform has arrived, as its partnership with Déjà Vu®, arguably the world’s largest and most recognizable erotic entertainment brand, with clubs in California, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Mexico, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Washington, integrates the power of Unfiltrd’s subscription amenities with Déjà Vu®’s unmatched brand presence in the nightlife industry.

“This partnership presents a remarkable opportunity to create an unparalleled experience for our customers and further strengthen our brand loyalty,” added Matto. “We are confident that this will be a game-changer in the live entertainment industry, and are excited for the future!”

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