Los Angeles, Calif. – Studio Servitu has announced its lineup for their exclusive, RSVP-only event held on Friday, 11.11.11, at their boutique art space in downtown LA.

11.11.11: The Stars are Maligned is the artistic unification of the triptych composed of Anthony Silva, Rudy Coby and Nick Kushner for a collaborative exhibition at the downtown studio. The evening is a celebration of the works of the three varied artists in the realms of magic/performance, video/photography, and painting/fine art. Each artist will be featuring their respective performances, installations and artworks, all of which correlate to one another.

For those who attended Kushner’s solo exhibition at Studio Servitu on 9.10.11, the night was a mere glimpse into a much larger world composed of a circle of boundary-pushing artists who have collaborated and worked alongside each other for the last decade.

Anthony Silva is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, who co-wrote Marilyn Manson’s forthcoming film, Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll, as well as co-creating the film’s iconic trailer.

Rudy Coby, aka “The Coolest Magician On Earth”, is a legend within the world of magic & illusion. He has performed around the globe for over 20 years, influencing an entire generation of performers, magicians, artists & filmmakers with his art.

Nick Kushner will be displaying his paintings, which portray themes of disillusionment, pain, love, death, and abuse, which are additionally notable by the medium he uses to create them – his own blood. He likens his works to alchemy by the literal immersion within his art.

Other “secret” special guests are scheduled to be in attendance at the event. Sponsored by Evil Wine, Jade Absinthe and Lip Service, 11.11.11 is a private event which will feature art & merchandise exclusively available for the evening.