SugarBounce Launches Sugar Streams for VIP Stakers & Announces Alix Lynx as Ambassador

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(Los Angeles, CA) SugarBounce, the universe for all NSFW entertainment needs of the next generation, has launched the beta version of Sugar Streams after reaching its goal of onboarding 100 models to the platform. And now, VIP $TIP Stakers are being rewarded with perks, including early access starting tomorrow.   SugarBounce’s Sugar Streams will offer the best live entertainment anywhere and has created revolutionary proprietary video software to enhance the viewer’s experience. VIP $TIP Stakers who deposited more than $500 $TIP in the pool are being rewarded with a VIP package, and part of that is early access to Sugar Streams, which includes virtual strip shows, live cam entertainment, and much more on the Sugar Streams app. VIP Stakers can now register at by clicking on the red “Already a VIP Staker? REGISTER NOW” button. VIP Stakers are also being added to a separate Telegram channel for future invites to SugarBounce parties and exclusive live streaming events. The next access will be granted to Premium and Standard Stakers, and after that, Sugar Streams will open to the general public.   “At the end of last year, Sugar Streams was in development, and now it’s going live in beta as promised in the first quarter of this year. We’re running on schedule, and our VIP Stakers are excited to be making history as the first to get on the platform and receive exclusive future invites. We have a stellar selection of models already signed up and something for everyone to enjoy. So now is the time to invest in $TIP and get in on all the action,” says Founder/CEO Navin Ray.   Another big announcement this week is award-winning adult actress, entrepreneur, media personality, and content creator Alix Lynx joining Sugar Streams as an Ambassador. With a huge social media following, an insane amount of premium social media subscribers, and multiple industry awards wins, Alix will definitely bring even more klout to SugarBounce.    SugarBounce is still looking for models to join Sugar Streams. To join, go to the home page and click the red “Model Sign Up” button. Current models will be given input on the platform and help make Sugar Streams be everything it can be. Ongoing developer testing will be happening right up until the full launch. Plus, Sugar Bounce offers one of the highest payouts, options to be paid in crypto, training sessions, and more to help them be successful on the platform.   Find out more about SugarBounce, their multiple platforms, and how they plan to take over NSFW entertainment by visiting their site at

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