(Hollywood, CA) Adult superstar Sunny Lane has returned to the world of professional fornication following a nearly two year hiatus. The bubbly strawberry blond affectionately known as the girl-next-door gone hardcore has marched back into the sex spotlight to star in Not the Love Boat XXX and other adult movies as well as entertain clients at the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Sunny left the adult biz when she fell in love with a handsome man but after a whirlwind courtship and romance she found herself hot, horny and ready to climb back to the world she missed so much. Sunny was candid about why she took an extended vacation, and what drew her back to her legion of followers.

“I took some time off to pursue the romantic thing and it just didn’t work out. It was a hiatus I do not regret.” Lane reflected.

Truth be told, Sunny Lane is a horny girl and missed the fun of playing with other people– both men and women– so she’s back.

The first phone call she made was to Dennis Hof the legendary owner of the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch located just east of Carson City in Nevada, who welcomed Sunny back with open arms.

“Sunny is a one-of-a-kind sweet girl and I’m so happy she’s back at the ranch,” Hof said from the set of HBO’s ‘Cathouse’.

Lane also spoke with award-winning adult comedy director Will Ryder, who immediately booked her for a lead role in his upcoming X-Play parody Not the Love Boat XXX.

“The last time I worked with Sunny was for a movie called Flight Attendants and that worked out pretty darn well so we jumped at the chance to get her in another big movie shooting in soon,” declared Ryder.

With her new single status, a beautiful condo in Hollywood and a furious schedule of photo shoots, radio and print interviews, Sunny seems happier than ever. An original member of the Vette Nation Army, Lane is back in the ranks of the internet juggernaut, joining forces once again with Vicky Vette and the premiere online network www.vnagirls.com

The Batgirl XXX star reached out to those she may have inadvertently estranged while she was away.

“For anybody that I’ve lost contact with, I’m always available on my website and Twitter and would love to hear from you,” Lane said.

“I have such great friends and I’m happy to be back with them and the business but of course I’m really excited to be back with all of my fans who never left me even though I took a big pit stop.”

Currently in classes pursuing a Loveology certification, Sunny specializes in the girlfriend experience, couples sex, the porn star experience and fetishes at the ranch.

“I can also help you film your own naughty movie starring you and me for your personal private library. Making porn movies with fans is something I really love,” she confessed.

“Believe me it’s not just a sex scene, it’s an adventure and you can be the director and performer when you’re naked with me.”

For fans interested in spending time with Sunny Lane can meet her at the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch now through November 22nd and then again December 7th to the 26th. Also in January from the 22nd through the 30th. For more information or to make an appointment check out www.bunnyranch.com

You can also catch Sunny and Dennis Hof hosting “Saturday Night Live”, a live Ustream broadcast from the Bunny Ranch www.ustream.tv/channel/dennis-hof