(Las Vegas, NV) Super Villain Leia Down is getting the last laugh this week—she’s relaunched her site with a new stealthier URL, so cum buddies (AKA fans) can find her more easily. Her official site, http://www.LeiaDown.com, still has everything her fans love, including her live shows, exclusive photos and videos, and a Cum Buddy Area. Soon, she’ll be launching her store where you will be able to buy everything Leia Down, including her comic book.

“My old URL, MaskDDesire.com, was difficult to spell and hard for my fans to find me—everyone knows my name, so it’s easy to find me now,” says Leia Down. “The new URL has been well received and I feel like it’s a brand new fresh start.”

Leia Down had a triumphant weekend at Exxxotica South Florida meeting tons of her cum buddies and making new ones signing at the Pornstar Tweet and MyFreeCams booth. Her West Coast fans will be able to meet her in July at Comic-Con San Diego.

Leia’s cam shows can be seen MyFreeCams Wednesday through Sunday. Log onto her page at http://profiles.myfreecams.com/LeiaDown and watch her Twitter at @LeiaDown for details on specific times and shows.