Monticello, IL – The world famous Sybian, well known as a multi orgasmic powered pleasure product, is pleased to release a newly redesigned and improved ‘Flat Top’ attachment. The ‘Flat Top’ has long been a customer favorite and was redesigned with feedback from consumers in mind.

The ‘Flat Top’ Sybian attachment is an improved re-design of one of the Sybian owner’s favorite attachments. There is no insertion with the ‘Flat Top’ so it can be used with clothing on or off. The decision to redesign the previous version of the ‘Flat Top’ came from consumer feedback that the edges where not as comfortable as they would like. The new ‘Flat Top’ has smooth flowing lines and no edges which allow the user to experience clitoral stimulation from three different positions. The underside of the attachment also has a “lip” on each end ensuring a snug fit on the Sybian. This new attachment will ship as part of the basic Sybian package and can also be purchased individually and is available in both beige and chocolate at

“I am excited to begin including our re-designed Flat Top with our Sybian package. Its smooth contour fits a woman’s body and allows Sybian users to better experience maximum clitoral stimulation.” said Dave Lampert, Sybian Inventor.

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