(Hollywood, CA) The winners have been selected! DecadentStories.com, a website devoted to bringing fans of adult literature new and sexy stories, held an erotic story contest titled “Get Off Three Pornstars.” Writers were challenged to create erotic literature that would please adult actresses Tanya Tate, Adrianna Luna and Katie K. And now three lucky winners are celebrating with some fantastic prizes.

Several stories were submitted but Tanya, Adrianna and Katie were looking for original works that would entice the senses. They wanted fantasies that would jump off the page and bring to life the erotic situations and feelings that they as adult performers experience on a daily basis.

“I had tons of fun reading all the entries” said Adrianna Luna. “Naughty stories are such a stimulating avenue for fantasies to come to life. With movies, we pretty much tell our audiences exactly what we want them to think. Erotic literature gives a lot more freedom. Not only does the writer have to be good with words and structure, but as a reader you have to rely on your imagination. It leaves room for both parties to create their own mental picture of what they find sexy.”

The third place winner, who’s story was titled “My Beach Fantasy Becomes Yours”, received an 8×10 photo of the judge of his choice. Being from England, he opted for a photo of British XXX Superstar Tanya Tate. The second place story, titled “Voyeuristic Avenue”, won the author a free month’s membership to Katie K’s website. And the grand prize winner, who’s story “Extra Lessons” got quite a reaction out of all three judges, took home a Tanya Tate Fleshlight.

The winning stories as well as several other erotic works can be found on DecadentStories.com. Congratulations to the winners and if you missed this competition, there is still time for you to get your work on an erotic site. DecadentStories.com is currently accepting submissions for publications on their site.