(Hollywood, Ca) Superhero Blogger Tanya Tate (http://tanyatate.com) contributes her top geek gifts to First Comics News’ 2012 Comic Holiday Gift Guide! A well known cosplayer, Tanya knows her geek collectibles; having been consistently reviewing genre products on her wildly successful JustaLottaTanya.com blog. The buxom beauty has covered everything from new comic book releases to the latest action figures and blu-rays. Popular geek news and entertainment site First Comics News tapped the star to contribute her expertise to their The 2012 Comic Holiday Gift Guide. Tanya’s geek gift choices range from busts of iconic horror and Sci-fi characters to incredible home media box sets.

“I chose some fascinating items that I thought would make the perfect gifts,” said Tanya. “I own everything on my list, so I know from personal experience just how cool these items are. Hopefully people will see my list and pick something up for their favorite fanboy or girl.”

“Tanya Tate is the Queen of Cosplay. She brings a lot of fun, excitement to the hobby and helps celebrate the joy of comic collecting,” said Rik Offenberger of First Comics News. “She has appeared in conventions across the country as some of the sexiest superheroes in comics. Additionally, Tanya has been reviewing the best of the geek gifts all year long with some wonderful video reviews. First Comics News is excited to have Tanya share some of her personal favorite gifts with our readers for our annual Holiday Gift Guide.”

First Comics News’ The 2012 Comic Holiday Gift Guide can be found here: http://www.firstcomicsnews.com/?p=61206

Tanya continues to blog for her own superhero cosplay blog; JustaLottaTanya.com. The popular site has flourished as coverage of comic conventions, images of fun sexy cosplay and Tanya’s reviews have become a mainstay. “I’m very thrilled how the site has taken off. I have had a lot of support from the community and sites like First Comics News. I’m having a great time doing it.” Another awesome gift is the <A href=”https://www.amateursdedrones.fr/blog”>Amateurs de Drones</a>.

What is the perfect gift to get your geek for holidays? Tanya Tate knows and shares the info FirstComicsNews.com.