(Hollywood, California) Adult entertainment superstar Tanya Tate (http://tanyatate.com) has been recognized as February’s PanelsOnPages.com’s Fan Girl of the Month! Over the last two years Tanya has proven herself to be a legitimate supporter of all things geeky. With her wildly successful superhero blog to her many appearances in costume at comic cons, Tanya has made an incredible impact. One of the more popular websites to cover the genre of comic books, superheroes and pop culture, PanelsOnPages.com has taken notice of Tanya’s activities and spotlighted her as February’s Fan Girl of the Month. Tanya is featured with an exclusive interview, hot new photos and represented with a rendering in the 2012 PanelsOnPages Fangirl of the Month calendar by artist Chris Ehnot. An exciting accomplishment for the Liverpool native.

“I am very thrilled to be Fan Girl of the Month.” said Tanya. “Especially as it leads into the first year anniversary of my geeky website JustaLottaTanya.com. I am having a great time as FGotM and want to give a big thank you to everyone at PanelsOnPages.com. They know a real fan girl when they see one.”

“We’re in this weird time when geek is kind of ‘in,'” said Lee Rodriguez of PanelsOnPages.com. “Because of that, there’s a lot of posturing and insincerity floating around where everyone wants to be one of the cool kids (ironically enough). But Tanya is the real deal. We only showcase real nerd girls at PanelsOnPages.com and Tanya is the total package. We’re very pleased to add the lovely Ms. Tate to our ever-expanding roster of Fangirls.”

The PanelsOnPages.com exclusive interview with Tanya Tate can be found at; http://bit.ly/TanyaFGOTMPop. There, new photos of Tanya in costume by Hall of Fame director Miles Long have made their debut. The 2012 Fan Girl of the Month calendar can be ordered directly via Tanya’s superhero cosplay website, JustaLottaTanya.com as well as her store, TanyaTateStore.com.

This is not the 1st time Tanya has been showcased for her geeky adventures. Multiple genre websites in 2011 have shown their love for the costumed blond. Comic impact (Cosplay Girl of the Month), Critiques 4 Geeks (Geek Babe of the Month), and The Comics Ninja (Cosplay Babe of the Month) are among the popular websites that have featured Tanya.

She has made her mark in adult entertainment, now she is doing it in geek entertainment! Tanya Tate is PanelsOnPages.com’s Fan Girl of the Month!