Los Angeles, CA — Penthouse Pet Tasha Reign is the newest music reviewer for Rock Confidential magazine. The weekly column on RockConfidential.com, titled “The World’s Hottest Music Critic,” features three to five single tracks by various artists or an entire album. Tasha Reign will review new releases from new and indie rock musicians, as well as occasionally spotlight classic songs and albums. In addition to appearing on RockConfidential.com, the write-ups will publish in the quarterly magazine.

To view Tasha Reign’s introduction video to her new column, visit http://www.rockconfidential.com/inside/2012/03/introducing-tasha-reign-the-worlds-hottest-music-critic/.

Tasha’s reviews will begin posting weekly on RockConfidential.com beginning April 3. The column will feature a mix of written and video critiques.

Rock Confidential Editor Jesse Capps states, “Forget everything you know about music critics! Tasha Reign is putting her sexy spin on music reviews by diving into her sexuality and letting you know what turns her on. She’ll be taking on new releases and digging deep into her catalog of favorite rock tunes for an exciting, sexy review each week. Tasha’s charm, enthusiasm, and rock n’ roll attitude is a perfect match for Rock Confidential.”

Tasha Reign balances her career as one of the fastest rising stars in adult entertainment with her undergraduate studies at UCLA. Though a women’s studies major, Tasha has completed three music appreciation courses at school. Whether analyzing Bach and Mozart by day or stripping to Nine Inch Nails and Def Leppard by night, Tasha Reign brings a unique perspective to music critique.

“I listen to everything,” admits Tasha Reign. “I feel like my tastes can best be defined as eclectic. There are good and bad songs in every genre of music, so I always try to keep an open mind, something I want to carry over into my reviews.”

Reign continues, “Music appreciation is subjective. What I may like, someone else may despise. Through my explanations of why a certain song resonates with me, I hope to reveal a bit more about my life and experiences with readers, from being an average American girl to my life as a Penthouse Pet and porn star. I am thankful to Rock Confidential for providing me with a platform to do so.”

News of Tasha Reign’s column for Rock Confidential was first publicized on Dave Navarro’s radio show, “Dark Matter.” Reign was a guest of the show on March 28, 2012, where she discussed her love of music and her plans for the column with the Jane’s Addiction guitarist.

For more information about “Dark Matter with Dave Navarro,” visit http://www.moheak.com/2012/03/dark-matter-w-dave-navarro-9pm-pacific-7/ or http://www.indie1031.com/include.php?pageid=/shows/dark_matter.asp.