Los Angeles, CA – It’s been two months since the VogoV token sale was announced. Blockchain technology inspired and encouraged the founders of VogoV to realize the brand-new concept of a decentralized interactive porn studio. The idea of a fan-controlled porn studio has been a dream that is finally coming true. The last missing piece of the concept is the implementation of an interchangeable tokenized vote that can be traded freely in the form of an ERC223. VogoV’s token is called OGO coin. In addition to the in-platform utility value, OGO coin can be an alternative secure and anonymous payment method for $100 billion adult entertainment industry.

The founders were struggling with universal cryptocurrency acceptance and usage in their own business. As a result, they began the development of “OgoShift Merchant” that will become the leading payment system used within the adult industry. OgoShift is specifically tailored to the needs and particularities of the porn industry. One of VogoV’s major goals is to proliferate and simplify cryptocurrency acceptance and usage within the adult entertainment industry.

Adult entertainment businesses struggle with high risk processing fees when receiving credit card payments, but with OgoShift they will be free from any kind of processing fees for the first year entirely. OgoShift Merchant is in the process of integrating with NATS, the most used affiliate program- back-end solution in the industry.

“The adult industry is perfect for the application of cryptocurrency. Large businesses with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue are ready to accept and use cryptocurrency. If it becomes widely spread, cryptocurrency will gain a market where it can be circulated and used as a payment method, not only a speculative trading instrument. If and when that happens, it will help to stabilize the cryptocurrency market and have a positive impact on the market cap” said Ivan Kirillov, Co-Founder and Managing Director of VogoV.

So far, the adult entertainment market has positively responded to OGO coin and OgoShift. More than 20 websites have announced the acceptance of OGO coin as a payment method and their integration with OgoShift. Among the first adopters are such well-established industry players as TeenMegaWorld and TmwVRnet. The full list of OGO coin adopters is published on VogoV’s token sale website (www.vogov.io) here: www.vogov.io/?page=adopters.

“OgoShift Merchant’s alpha-testing has already begun, currently being used by our partners to enable them to accept OGO coin. Before the full launch of the payment system, we have decided to release the OgoShift wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet. So far, the MVP supports only Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. We are currently developing it further. The release will occur during our pre-crowdsale, starting on August 21”, said Aleksei Maetnyi, also known as Markus Dupree, the Co-Founder, Director and Actor at VogoV. Markus is a well-known and multiple award winning male performer.

The project is also supported by the adult entertainment advisors such as Bridgette B and Rocco Siffredi.