(Hollywood, CA) CoCoc Brown (http://twitter.com/itscocobrown) has long been known as the most adventurous girl in the industry. Of course it was her titillating adult films and insatiable sexual appetite that sky rocketed her to the top of the European porn world. Her adult career lead to a myriad of print jobs and television appearances in multiple countries and then she expanded into the music world, working with recording artists like WuTang Clan. And now, in true CoCo Brown fashion, she’s starting another leg of her exciting journey by training to be the first pornstar to fly into space.

And the press is getting just as excited for CoCo’s journey into space as the adult industry. CoCo has recently been featured in several publications including a tell all interview with Creative Loafing and a feature in People Australia. The CoCo Brown brand is an ever growing entity and her popularity is rising with her upcoming adventurous feat.

“It’s been such an exciting journey so far” said CoCo. “And it’s only getting more fun. I’ve been in training for my trip into space for several months now and I’m thrilled to have gotten such a positive response from my fans and colleagues. I’m grateful that people are not only interested in my adventure but are excited about someone from the industry breaking such a monstrous barrier. I’ll be keeping everyone posted as I move forward.”

To read CoCo Brown’s interview with Creative Loafing, please click here: http://ow.ly/fW8UW