Venice, CA – Bonnie Rotten is going under the knife this week and will come out a bigger starlet. How much bigger? Only she and her doctor really know for sure, but everyone can have fun guessing—and maybe even win a very special and personal prize from the tattooed lovely herself.

She’s going in for breast enhancement, trying to improve on perfection and all we can do is wait and see and have confidence in her big decision. We can also guess just what her exact new measurements (hips-waist-chest w/ cup size) will be and tweet them to her (@thebonnierotten). The first one to get the numbers right will receive a package from Bonnie that includes one of her old bra and panty sets. You must be first and you must be exactly right. Bonnie reserves the right to be the final judge and there will be no bickering once the contest has been decided.

Then the countdown begins. She will debut her new boobs on twitter on Monday, Sept. 18 at noon PST.

In the meantime, you can busy yourself getting to know her better through the magic of the WHACK! interview, which can be found at The feature will be up the morning of Thursday, Sept. 12. Here’s a sample: “When I was 16 I had a gangbang for the first time. It was the only time, I want it again!” Any takers?

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