Los Angeles – The Future is Ticking is the name of Daniel DiLallo’s new monthly feature for YNOT.com. DiLallo is the creative director of 3x Studios, which achieved prominence for its work on blockbuster games such as Transformers, Guitar Hero and Spider Man and most recently helped develop content exclusively for Vivid Virtual, the VR service of adult industry leader Vivid Entertainment.

The YNOT.com feature from DiLallo will cover some of the major trending tech issues in the industry — including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Teledildoniocs — focusing on those technologies that will have a major industry impact and identifying those that are just fads. The feature will launch August 7th.

“Daniel is the perfect go-to guy for this new feature,” says YNOT editor-in-chief Kathee Brewer. “His background spans the latest technology in both mainstream and adult entertainment and he knows how key these developments are for the future of our industry.”

“I live in the world of new technology and I’m constantly getting glimpses of the future that I want to share with others so that they can get as excited about it as I am,” Dillalo says. “From an industry perspective, we need to know what will work for us now and what we really need to get ready for.”

Readers of YNOT.com can send their questions for Daniel to dan@3xstudios.com or DM him on Instagram @vrdirector.