Los Angeles — The makers of The Handie are debuting the innovative male pleasure product through an Indiegogo.com crowdfunding campaign. The Handie is the world’s first all-in-one finishing tool for men. The goal of the Indiegogo campaign is to raise at least $69,000 to bring The Handie to market and into the homes of men desiring more from a solo session.

The Handie crowdfunding campaign will run from October 1, 2014 to November 1, 2014 on Indiegogo.com.

The Handie is a state-of-the-art, soft, supple glove replacing a guy’s bare hand during alone time. Its glove design allows the user to control his grip, going from firmer, to softer, to everything in between – they decide what’s best and most comfortable. The Handie is the end to the one-size-fits-all tubes, and the start of five-fingered, perfect grip revolution.

“When it comes to pleasure products, women seem to get all the fun,” says The Handie inventor Maxx. “I felt the market was missing a truly exceptional product meant for men – something that could take care of all of a guy’s sexual needs. The Handie is that product, and with the help of Indiegogo, it will become a reality!”

Made from 100 percent skin-safe, durable, food-grade silicone material, The Handie is built to last by simply following cleaning instructions and storing it in a lint-free cool place. The Handie is as easy as using one’s bare hand, but with added features meant to maximize a user’s pleasure. It’s also perfect for use in the shower!

The Handie also features a bullet vibrator for hitting a man’s sweet spot. Its self-lubrication system always keeping things slick, ensuring chaffing is a thing of the past. The glove’s easy-to-clean catcher cup allows for quick disposal of a guy’s little swimmers and washes out with soap and water. Requiring barely any maintenance, The Handie will be ready to go whenever its owners are, unlike complicated to clean tubes and dolls.

All contributions toward the effort will be used to develop The Handie through a manufacturing process called injection molding, which allows for the production of more than ten times the inventory than would be produced through the hand-made method. The new Handie will be offered in a variety of colors, as well as in a left-handed version.

Donors will receive a variety of rewards based on the size of their contribution to The Handie campaign, such as t-shirts, limited edition versions of The Handie, and access to exclusive uncensored webcasts starring popular porn stars.

Among the perks are:

· $1 gets donors unlimited gratitude from The Handie proponents!
· $5 immortalizes supporters on TheHandie.com as a Founding Father.
· $10 gets donors official The Handie stickers (1,000 are available).
· $15 – Free shipping within the U.S. on the next order of The Handie.
· $30 – An official The Handie men’s T-shirt (200 are available in men’s sizes; 100 available in women’s sizes).
· $35 – A 15% discount on the purchase of The Handie.
· $50 – First dibs on the next run of handmade editions of The Handie (50 available).
· $150 – A hand-made Limited Edition Handie! (200 are available).
· $200 – Access to a free, live, uncensored webcast documenting the molding of a porn star for her Signature Series The Handie! (Unlimited amount).
· $500 – Become a Product Advisor. Only 20 people will get to test a prototype of The Handie and provide feedback.
· $1,000 – Twenty supporters will get to watch an interactive webcast of their favorite Handie Girl manufacturing their glove.
· $2,000 – Earn a starring role in a commercial shoot for The Handie with a real-life pornstar! (6 are available).

Should the Indiegogo campaign fail to reach the $69,000 goal, The Handie’s creators will use the donated funds to develop an injection-molded Handie and continue to move forward with funding the innovative product to make it a reality.