(Toronto, ON) – A sexy new docu-series is coming to Canada, putting a spotlight on the private life of one of the biggest stars in the adult film industry, jessica drake™. Love, Jessica premieres on The Movie Network Sunday, May 11th at 11:00 pm (EST) and is coming to Movie Central in fall 2014.

Jessica is not the stereotypical porn star – she’s a devoted businesswoman and activist whose personality is even more attractive than her sex appeal. In Drake’s words, “I’m just like anyone else; we all have sex…I just do it on camera.”

Drake is under contract with powerhouse studio Wicked Pictures where she performs, writes, and directs. One side of Jessica is a caring, thoughtful, charitable person; the other side is a highly successful porn star. Often though, the stigma of being in porn gets in the way of helping others. Drake wants to change that. Through education, open discourse, and her genuine, good-hearted nature, Drake works hard to shift the stereotypes attached to her. Her work does not define her; she defines her work.

Jessica works closely with her significant other, Toronto-born Brad Armstrong, who directs and performs for Wicked Pictures and is known as “the Spielberg of skin flicks.” While Jessica works to have the means to fulfill her charitable side, Brad works to fulfill his material side. Together they work hard to live a life that some dream of and others loathe.

Season one of Love, Jessica is comprised of ten 30-minute episodes. The show comes from the creators of The Right Hand at EWL Media. The team includes Executive Producer Richard Arnold, Producer Lynnette Lanning, and Director Kai Soremekun.

“Jessica Drake is a kind, strong person who is also professional and business savvy,” commented Executive Producer Richard Arnold. “She and her partner Brad Armstrong are a power couple who challenge what people think of as typical adult performers.”

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View the trailer here.