Brianna Jordan 1Please, tell us a little bit about yourself, your hobbies, a day in the life…etc

I’m Brianna Jordan, or so they say 😉 My friends know me personally as a loving & nuturing OCD overplanning gymnut. Every day my schedule can change at the drop of a hat being in the business I am in, customer service doesn’t have a pause button & business comes when it comes…with no guarantees, I find myself working non-stop…but I always find time for the gym & to maintain myself & those I care about. Lately lots of extra time has been devoted to my precious roll dog, Baby whom I’ve had since he was a pup. Now that he’s elderly with various health issues, he needs me more than ever. So while I am a driven over-worker, the things that matter most take precedence.

To this day I will never forget your famous role as Kim Kardashian in Hustler’s: This Ain’t Hollywood Squares XXX. Your Kim K. was on point and you never complained once about having sex with me, in a limo, in the dead of summer, with no AC. Ahem, but before all that, you almost became the Heidi Fleiss of Las Vegas. Can you tell our readers a little about that?

LOL! That was so fun and literally HOT (without AC). I really feed off of the energy of the person I am shooting with as well as the crew. If you see me a little more stand offish than other times, its because I was not feeling it all the way around. With your laid back & sweet personality…and not to mention sexy looks, I was more than ok & we had fun! As for me being Heidi Fleiss LOL! Hmmm, that’s a long story but I will try to summarize. I started in the adult industry entertaining in Vegas working for an agent later and being treated like shit by the agencies. They didn’t care who they sent girls to & said whatever they had to just to get a girl through a strangers door. After doing that for a while, I branched off on my own & toured the US. After learning & growing up a bit, I settled back down in Vegas where I had all of my old work friends asking for help on how to establish their own clientele. Thus one of the many businesses I am involved in started. I only work with high caliber ladies that know what they are doing. Way too many girls these days could make more money as waitresses somewhere & stay cleaner and safer than getting involved with this. I really set out to protect girls, guide them & help them plan for a future outside of this line of work. So ya might say I’m a bit of a captain save a hoe! Its been a roller coaster over the years but I am SO good at this that I wouldn’t change anything. And unlike Ms Fleiss, I pay my taxes!

You took the oldest profession in the world and made it a very successful business. Can you tell us a little abut this business and what it entails? The good, the bad, the ugly?

There’s a ton of ways to market this sort of thing. I decided to only accept high quality customers that were discerning enough to know that you get what you pay for like everything else in life. I do see the worst in people though with this, their deepest dark side. The best thing about it is how now it takes me less than 2 minutes to assess who someone is, their personality and adjust accordingly. The ugly? Well I think that comes 2 fold, both the clients in this business that are fucktards and the girls that have pimps and/or are completely a mess!

You have had a hand in everything (no pun intended…well, maybe a little), from mainstream to adult entertainment. How do the two differ, aside from the obvious, and how are they the same?

I think with mainstream everyone dances around what they really want & in adult people are much more direct. There are shady ass people in both but there are also (very few) good people I have had the pleasure of knowing as well.

Brianna Jordan 2What was your first on screen shoot like and what company did you work for and who did you work with? What was going through your mind at the time and how did you feel after it was all said and done?

Yikes! I was SO nervous. I had been a pro for years & years…never wanted to get into porn because there wasn’t high enough pay for me to risk my safety (the main reason I don’t do BG), but I decided to start my solo website & needed for people to know who I was, so I started modeling for all of the big companies. Back to my 1st scene, it was with Jelena Jensen who is a doll by the way. We along with Aria Giovanni actually shot content for our sites before shooting my 1st scene with her. It was different being on set with that many people watching. I am a perfectionist, so I was more nervous I would mess up a line or something. She was so sweet & such a pro that I relaxed and we made a hot scene together.

Describe the type of man and women you’re attracted to?

For men, I am super duper picky. I don’t find many men attractive off the bat, its kinda something that grows on me dependent on their personality. I look for someone successful, driven, older than me (by at least 5-10 years), someone who takes pride in their appearance & hygiene, I am uber healthy & since its my lifestyle, someone that smokes & doesn’t go to the gym is not going to fit in my life. I am most physically attracted to muscular buff guys but have dated all kinds, again all based on personality.  For women, its kind of personality too, but if I click & have chemistry with someone, that’s all it takes. I love curves though…

What is your least favorite sexual position and why?

Hmmm, least? well probably me on top. My legs are ALWAYS sore from the gym lol & I never get off that way unless I have a vibe on my clit… its kind of annoying.

What advice do you have for girls just starting off in the escort and/or porn business? What would you advise them NOT to do?

I’m prob the wrong person to ask this question to as I tell a tale of caution only. DON’T get into it! LOL. The glory days are OVER. The days where you could realistically make a fortune & not risk your life are over. Being an adult starlette is a lot less glamorous than you think. Being an escort is the same, unless you have tons of game & negotiating skill, its not worthwhile. Same for being a stripper, dancers & clientele are not classy like they once were. All of the adult markets are compeltely saturated with girls not knowing what they are doing. Companies & agents undercut like crazy to find what I call Bridgette on a budget and these girls feel pressured to do more & more & more until they have cock filling up all their holes, including their ears! Listen, I don’t judge anyone for anything at all. I just think that their should be a level of class & discernment kept in all of the adult business avenues. I was in a strip club literally last night where there was a girl on the main floor getting finger banged for $20. I just can’t… If you want to get finger banged…fine, but please charge more than $20! I think lots of girls get into this thinking they need an agent, YOU DON’T! I contacted & negotiated my own pay with every single company I have worked for on my own. After shooting for everyone, I briefly signed up with a couple of different agencies to find the right fit….EEEEEH wrong idea. They brought me nothing but headaches. All they care about is themselves and their bottom dollar. Some girls need to be guided, I fortunately wasn’t one of them…which is probably why I feel for girls & go above & beyond to help them. (Captain save a hoe to the rescue! LOL)

What are the toughest, most challenging parts about your businesses and/or life?

I think for me personally, I am the oldest child, I have always taken a leadership role in all aspects of life….everyone dumps all of their problems/stress on me & I take care of EVERYONE I come into contact with almost… and I don’t have anyone to take care of me. My parents are not parents (I’m the parent actually) & my family is a little strained & to my friends…everyone always needs me to stay strong & I do. I love caring for Brianna Jordan 3others but it is exhausting at times. Finding balance has always been hard for me, but I try daily.

Describe the perfect porno scene?

For me it would be me with 2 extremely hot guys completely pleasuring me lol…something I have always wanted to try in my personal life, finding the 2 participating people that don’t annoy me by opening their mouths & saying something dumb LOLOLOL, that’s the hard part! hahaha

You’re a fitness junkie. Name three fitness goals that our readers can set for themselves to get into shape for summer?

Do you honestly want to make a change? It starts in the kitchen with your eating habits (I have tons of great tips on my blog (, next I would get active and buy weight loss vitamins at…You don’t have to be a gym whore like me, but getting into the habit of getting off your ass is the easiest way to break yourself into it 😉 Lastly, sleep! Its so important in recovery & weight loss…the less you have, the more your body holds onto fat! Not to mention you’ll prob be a grouchy bastard 🙂

When a man or a woman dates someone in the adult industry, what are some of the things they should be aware of?

Not all adult industry people are in it for the fuck of it. To many of us, its a job and a way-if done properly- to allow for investments in their future. Yea, some are crazy, but have you ever met a girl in other occupations that turn into spazzy psychos? Ok then! Nuff said lol

How long do you normally wait before you tell people that you’re a part of the adult industry and what are their normal reactions?

I usually jump right into it so I don’t waste time with people that are going to judge me for what I do & not see who I really am. Most people are not shocked or bothered & can appreciate that I am a business woman using my physicality as a leg up on people. Others are bothered but don’t openly admit it, I just never hear from them again.

What advice do you have to give to someone wanting to start their own adult site?

Make sure you are teaming up with trustworthy people, do your research! I did my on my own for a long time & this month relaunched with Cherry Pimps, who are AMAZING to work with. Its a lot of work to maintain though, you are constantly shooting content so if you are not committed, don’t do it.

What do you think of when you masturbate? What turns you on the most?

Its always different, a fantasy of a guy I see at the gym but have never spoken to maybe or a girl that I’ve made out with…always different.

If you could only choose to be a school bus driver, selling retail, or death, which would you prefer?

Selling retail for sheezie. I am a hell of a saleswoman & was in retail in high school…it was fun for me.

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